1st February 2018


Here we are!  Spring 2017 gave way to Summer and now, a fresh new year and already one month has passed.  Hello February 2018 and hello my long neglected but never forgotten friends!!!

This week sees us back in the swing of our school routine and me mapping out my current deadlines, while deep in reflection over the year that was and the year that is to come.  I know I'm not alone when I reveal that, for me, 2017 kinda sucked!  But a good kind of 'sucked' if there ever was such a thing. 


Astrologist heralded it as a 'Number 1 year', with years moving in 9 year cycles.  I've not ever studied Astrology (or Astronomy) so I really don't know the ins and outs of it all, but I value the teachings and certainly believe that our cosmos holds a special influence over us.  I've never doubted the power of the Moon and Her magnetic charge over Earth, so of course it is only natural that I would be open to the powers of all things galactic.  

A 'Number 1 year' is about planting seeds and building foundations.  It's about letting go, transitioning and diving deeply into the discomfort and messiness of all that that holds, including embracing the unknown.  I haven't blogged all that much over the past 12 months mostly because my inner and outer world proved to be an absolute perfect reflection of what it meant to ride the wave of a '1 year'.  As the year opened, I had no clue of what lay ahead for me, I simply set my intention for the year around the theme of WORTH and went about my merry way.


It wasn't really until we hit mid-Winter, six months in, and there was an energetic window between 2 Eclipses that brought me smack bang into the centre of what that '1 year' really meant for me, and as it turned out, it was perfectly connected to my word of intention.  Without going into all the nitty gritty I will simply share that I've now nicknamed it, my Trifecta of 2017!

Right during that time, mid-Winter, 2 Eclipses, July/August, was when three big things in my world met the junction of the Astrologic '1 year' and my personal intention for WORTH.  

  1. I hit burnout within my career which brought on the realisation that I'd veered onto another track that was not as authentic or honouring to who I truly am.  It took burnout and some deep unplugged time before I could clear my scramble, refocus and redirect myself to get back on track.
  2. We changed schools and are now head over heels in love with the Bush School and community of which we are are part.  It was a huge and terrifying decision but one that was completely intuitively directed and six months later, has had a profoundly positive effect upon all 3 of us!  And the final piece within that trifecta...
  3. A romance and the difficult (but right) decision for us to go our separate ways. 

So, three major turning points all mushed into one and each carrying the theme of WORTH, plus those energies of a '1 year'!  

It was a year that pushed me in very unexpected ways.  A year that for the most part, was so deeply uncomfortable and held so much learning!  Yet also, was deeply empowering and I finally feel like my big-girl boots are now firmly upon my feet.

It was a year for which I am immensely grateful.  For without that discomfort and without that learning, I wouldn't be where I am now.  When Tuck died, I was forced into a metamorphosis and ironically, this online space use to be called The Conscious Caterpillar.   One of my earliest articles, published in the U.S. mag Mabel, was titled 'Metamorphosis' and my words offered insight to what this very process meant for me during those very early days.  I had no clue as to who I was.  I don't mean in the sense of my name and date of birth.  I mean my essence, my identity as a woman.  I knew I could no longer be the person I was when I was with him because he was no longer here to be with.  And I knew I could not return to the person I was seventeen years earlier before I had met him, because I was 21 years old then, not the 40 year old I turned on my first birthday after Tuck had died.  So the caterpillar had to start creating a cocoon for itself and three years later, I have now emerged from that cocoon and while I test out my new wings and am stepping into who I wish to be and feeling stronger, clearer and more empowered than I have in a long long time.  Perhaps even ever!  So 2017 felt like it was a year of emergence, one that is to shape the years to come. 


Which brings me to here, 2018.  A 'Number 2 year'!  Growth, patience, balance and collaborations, that is the essence of a 'Number 2' year and I can't help but be curious as to how those things will play out for me over the months to come.  Certainly some seeds were sown throughout the year gone by and I am excited to nurture them as they grow, but more than anything, there is this clarity and sense of direction that has eluded me the past few years.

I think it's going to be a fun year!  No doubt there will be a few more lessons to learn and adventures to be had, but mixing those up with enthusiasm and love will surely make for a wild, wild ride.  From here I can tell you for certain that my year ahead holds some overseas travel, some interstate travel, a weekend filled with inspiration at the very first Soul Craft Festival - that's the brand new baby of Fel's, creator of The Craft Sessions - some new ink upon my skin - tweaking the final design this weekend - and some new super exciting work, part of which is my involvement with Nature Play SA.  I'll be sharing loads more about them, their new membership packages and brand new print mag, Wild Ones, in a post very very soon!  Promise it won't be another 4 months away!!!

Oh, and how's the timing of this blog post, eh?  Crazy that these words have spilled out of me right when we are in the wake of yet another cosmic event... the energies of this most recent super charged, super Moon - a full Moon Eclipse and a Blue Moon to boot - are profound!  If you are here in Australia, did you stay up to watch it last night?  Here where we are in the Adelaide Hills, it was cloudy right up until the moment of action and then the clouds broke apart to reveal the magic!

Happy Days lovely people, let's rock this '2 year'!!!! 



Love Cloth


I'm calling it a Love Cloth because that's what it is.  One day, just a few moons ago, a secret email arrived in my inbox.  I do not know the sender but I will be meeting her at the end of next week.  We are the mutual friends of two people who are so very dear to me and those two people, although long-time partners, are getting married.  Very soon, the three of us are jumping on a plane for 3 weeks on the Sunny Coast, where we will be joining with our friends to celebrate their Love in ceremony and dancing.  I . Can't . Wait !!!


With this email came a request, or more an invitation to contribute, but at the risk of spoiling the surprise for my beloved friends (who do from time to time check-in on this here blog), I will keep vague on the details.  There was never a doubt as to whether I would contribute, it was more a question over how?

I began with some words, and then a poem formed but it felt too sterile to just email that back and be done with it.  No, I was compelled to create something more and so, with no plan what-so-ever, I began.  That was it, I simply began.

I pulled out my box of scraps, searched through my stash and before too long, I had gathered a collection of natural fibres and textiles, bits and pieces I had longed to work with but hadn't yet done so.

So from a collection of thrifted doilies, silky merino tubing left over from this class, some undyed hemp purchased long ago for this project, a pure silk scrap left over from who-knows-what, naturally hand-dyed pieces sent to me by another dear friend from way across the oceans, and a mixture of natural threads purchased a while back from here.  Bit by bit, something began to take form.  It was a creative process of the truest expression, where nothing was copied and nothing was planned, I simply just kept adding and layering and best of all, playing!

Once I was satisfied with the layering and stitching, I decided (almost on a whim) that I would bundle it all up with some Eucalyptus and chuck it in the dye pot.  It was more out of curiosity than anything else.  And a desire to blend the layers. 

Time was running short!  I was late in getting my contribution off into the post otherwise, I would have loved nothing more than to stitch the words of my poem into the cloth.  As it was, I carefully marked them in with my art pen... and then, damn it, I made a mistake when doing so!  It was done and could not be undone, so I decided to embrace the joy of imperfection.  No one other than me would pick it, though let's have some fun and see if you can...

Threads are woven, cloth is formed
Patches are stitched, and layers borned
Together they grow, their love beyond
With dreams to cultivate and a future fond

You'll need to click on the image below to supersize and pick my mistake ;)

A special thank you to my two friends, India and Karen.  Both magically creative souls who each unknowingly provided so much inspiration for this project. 

Winter 2017


Erhumm, right then...  I think perhaps an apology is needed.  I am sorry for disappearing from this space without any notice at all.  I did put a little post up on Instagram, way back in July, explaining where I was at and my need to retreat but that explanation never quite made it here.

Three months it's been!!!  Pretty much the whole of Winter!  Shortly after my last post, I hit a wall.  It was a classic and very real case of burnout and none too pleasant.  I promptly decided to shut down and go into radical self-care mode.  I thought maybe it would only be for a week or two, but then I found myself embarking on several big changes all at once.  Life offered me a cross road, or a fork would be more accurate - right as those two massive eclipses came about... funny that eh?!  Things needed fixing, externally and internally and since I'm not one to delay matters, I swiftly went about purging some old to make way for the new.  Thing was, I wasn't entirely sure what those new things were going to look like and to be honest, I'm still only a tiny bit clearer.  One thing is certain though, as soon as I closed a few doors, new ones opened.  Fresh opportunities appeared and decisions had to be made.  To do so, I really had to filter out the noisy online world of social media in order to process all that was needed and integrate this next faze in my journey.  The changes are all very new and still unfolding, thus I am moving through very consciously and mindfully - or at least I am trying to, but let me tell you there is a good dose of anxiety going on!  I am needing to remind myself constantly of my own words... observe it without attaching to it.  Urgh, so much easier said than done!

Once I have found my feet a little more firmly, I can't wait to share more about this new direction of mine and although I am not wishing this year away just yet, I do feel that 2018 is set to be a good one.  I am so, so grateful to those of you who reached out with sweet words of kindness and support.  Thank you!!!  It filled my heart to have you check up on me xo

So here we are, the Spring Equinox was a small handful of days ago and Winter is behind us.  These pics are a snapshot of some of the many things we 3 have been up to... **



We are a beach loving family, four seasons of the year!  Do not be fooled, while those two appear in shorts, this Mumma was layered up in her merinos!  Besides, who can resist playing 'Otter' and sliding down the sand mounds?


The mini-orchard is slowly starting to take shape!  This years plantings include... 2 varieties of pear, 1 nectarine, 1 peach, 1 apricot, 1 Kaffir lime, 1 mandarin (making a total of 2), and 3 blueberries.  Although digging those holes practically killed me and happened to coincide with the nuclear implosion of our hot-water service (read: no hot shower at the end of a hard day digging! - it was not a good week!), despite those begrudged character building experiences, I am now thrilled that those trees have their roots in the earth!


We foraged for olives!  Around here, olives are actually considered a pest, having been introduced with early European settlement.  But given there are so many trees growing wild nearby we decided to have our first attempt at harvesting a few.  There are now three jars down in the cellar which, according to Matt and Lentil of Grown & Gathered, should be ready by Christmas!

And then there was pinecone collecting.  We were a little late with it this year as normally this is a late Summer - early Autumn activity.  But, with the olive trees neighbouring the pine forest... well, better late than never :)  And, FYI, if you weren't already aware, pinecones make for the very best fire-starters!


And now here we are...  Hello Spring! 

I do hope all is well in your corner of the world, friends!

Lots of love xo


**I just realised that none of them show the crafting that went on.  Let me tell you, craft as we all know, has been a saviour!  There's been knitting, stitching, makeovers, novels read and even a Game of Thrones binge session - I was a little behind on my seasons!