When I went to Uni and completed my B.A. one lecturer never returned an assignment to me. 


It was my own handmade copy of a Mr. Men book illustrating the theme of why "I hate, loath and despise Mathematics".  It's not my strongest passion, but I don't hate Maths.  Mr. Circle however, struggled to enjoy the subject because he lacked 'sides' like the other shapes.  I can't remember what happened in the end but I think Mr. Circle reconciled his feelings somehow and all the shapes lived happily-ever-after. That lecturer kept my book and for many years - possibly still - he used it to show his students an example of the work he most enjoys and appreciates.  I'd love to get that book back, but it's been over twenty years since then and it's probably a bit late for me to go asking ;)

A little while later, my first 'real career' was working in the Film and TV industry in what is known as the Art Department.  Many hours were spent reading scripts, researching, sourcing and making props, decorating and styling sets, meeting deadlines and accommodating impossible requests.  That was my twenties and since then I've traveled, moved around, married, given birth (twice), explored many interests, gardened, refined and redefined myself, settled and been widowed.  Life is a journey full of different adventures.  Some of those are completely awesome and some are completely brutal, all of them are beautiful and become the chapters of our story.  They are the rich tapestry that is Life

Throughout all of this, there has been one staple I have depended upon without any waver.  I have journaled, a lot!

As I hit my early to mid thirties and shifted into the land of Parenthood, social media and the expansive world of blogs gained interest.  So too, did my undeniable urge to write and take photographs.  I continued to journal like a woman possessed but it didn't feel like enough.  I wanted more.  There was an irresistible longing within me to share my stories and images with those other than myself, and an intrigue over the thread that weaves through the lives of others.

Late in the year of 2013 it happened.  It was the moment we all hope for.  On the cusp of turning thirty-eight, it hit me like a lightening bolt, or as they say, it was my Light-bulb Moment!  I was a Writer.  I have always been a Writer and it was within the written word that my future 'career' would be entwined.  It was time to own it, stand in it and grasp it with both hands.  Not only was I ready for that, but I was ready to turn pro and get myself published.

And so I did!



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