Where we began...


We were welcomed by a superbly wild front garden.  It was overgrown and strangling itself through years of neglect.  This area of our garden is the North face, which in Australia amounts to a perfect site for positioning a vegie patch. 

Do you see that wall of windows in the last photo?  That is a sunroom, or rather, it is meant to be a sunroom.  The overgrowth blocked any chance of our glorious winter sun getting anywhere near those windows and therefore failing to heat that room which filters into our lounge.  It was a brilliantly efficient system for winter warmth, deemed completely inefficient through too much foliage.  The privacy was nice, but the shade had to go.

I think we may have shocked a few of the long term residence in our neighbourhood when straight away we took to that yard with a chainsaw, industrial mulcher and stump remover.  There wasn't much to salvage and our plans for an edible garden really meant we had to shelve any mercy.  So, over the first couple of months, 'garden be gone' it was. 

Slowly and steadily the light began to grow.  Take note of the last shot, that's the wall of windows (taken from the reverse side).  I think I can see some sunshine getting in there.  Just wait until you see where we are at now.

Wait.  Hold on a minute... is that pure golden rays of sunshine I can see pouring in those windows?!  Oh yeah baby, I do believe it is!

With the front garden now clear it was time to clean up, mulch up and do a little prep.  That pile of foliage taking the place of our car in the driveway was fed through a big machine on site (I missed getting a photo) and all the little bits were spat into a BIG pile and then shoveled and raked back onto the garden.

A quick spot of paint on the inside of the front fence so it ties in nicely with the adjoining shared fence line and then into the ground went our first plantings.  Twelve Lily Pilly's.  A fruiting Australian native with a berry that I plan to make into jam (when they bear enough), apparently it's quite tasty.  Over the coming years, those twelve bushes will grow and clump together forming a thick hedge which will give us back our privacy without casting the garden into shadow.

I know it's bare and the comparison to what was is very shocking, but just as we promised our kind neighbouring folk, our vision is strong so have faith, and watch as this barren land transforms over the coming years into a veritable food forest.


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