Front Perspective Sketch

All artwork in this post was created by Nadja Osterstock of Nadja's Garden - gorgeous isn't it!?!

It's quite a wonderful thing when you spend a bit of time with someone, a Permaculture Garden Designer to be precise, and after many conversations, cups of tea and strolls around the garden, that someone has the ability to turn your vision into a tangible plan on paper.  And they give you a season by season, step by step break down of how to achieve that vision over the next few years.  There's the flexibility to pull back or go hard, or to tweak and rearrange.  Simply put, I now have a tailor made guide to follow through on what Tuck and I set out to do.  Since last autumn, I have been working off and on with my new friend Nadja, from Nadja's Garden.  We pressed pause when planning overwhelmed me and came together in the moments that worked.  Nadja took mine and Tuck's vision and blended it with a few new ideas of both her's and mine.  She then enriched that combination with her knowledge of Permaculture, plants and soil, and over the past six months she has devised a plan.

When I step outside these days, I no longer feel overwhelmed by the mass of tasks yet to be faced or the enormity of how on earth I am to transform this place of ours.  Instead, I can now refer to my folder and remind myself of what I want to do, when might be best to do it, and how I could go about getting it done.  In my folder, Nadja has given me a site overview with loads of wonderful recommendations, I have plans and sketches, a planting list and a garden organiser for the next few years.  She tested our soil in various areas and with those results I now know how to care for that soil.  She's given me notes on composting, worm farms, garden beds, propagation, crop rotation, fruit tree care, irrigation, chook care and beekeeping.  Plus a list of resources and possible follow-up services. 

That picture in my head has not only become clear, but even better is knowing that it is now out of my head.  I can hold that plan in my hands and it is such a wonderful thing for that vision which has been in my mind for so long to finally be on paper.  With full colour and graphics, I can see it, I can feel it and I can breath it in everyday.  Plus I can show it to others instead of just bewildering them with my lightening speed description!  It will take time and there will be projects where I shall need many helping hands, but watch this space my friends, because around here things are going to take shape!  And with that, I have a bit of a favour to ask...

Would you all be so kind as to hold this vision for me too?  You see, I believe in the power of creating and I believe in the power of a collective heart and the manifestations which grow from that love.  That doesn't mean you have to adopt these garden plans for your own, goodness no, what it means is that with you believing in this garden too, then that message travels out into the Universe and great things will follow.  It's the ripple effect.  Remember how powerful it was here?

The drawing at the top and the one below are what Nadja calls, "Perspective Sketches".  They offer the view out of our craft room window (top) and our lounge room window (below).  It's not the exact view right now, but it is a close idea of how things will be down the track.  Exciting, yes?  I'll be framing those, not only for use as a 'vision board' but also because they are so darn gorgeous and that garden designer friend of mine (aka Nadja) is a pretty amazing illustrator!

East Garden Perspective Sketch