A day full of the unexpected



Last week as I looked ahead in my diary to these days now, I noticed that Tuesday was beginning to swell with time locks and commitments.  It was a school day, but one with an early finish due to an open day.  It was Tuck's RDO and we had consecutive dentist appointments booked making the early collection of Evie from school difficult to navigate.  We weren't able to reschedule the appointment so had advised Evie's teacher that we would be there as soon as we could.  Noah was going to come along for the ride wherever we went and towards the end of the day, with the four of us together, we had arranged to view a second hand tent with possible purchase in readiness for a road trip we are planning in November.

I struggle a little with days like that.  There's too much packed in and too much rushing about.  I was contemplating this on Monday evening when a sudden insight struck.  The afternoon at school was going to be messy anyway and none of us were that keen on Evie being left waiting, even if accompanied by her teacher in their classroom.  So, we made the decision to collect Evie before we headed to the dentist and not worry about being involved in the school open day.  Her teacher reassured me that, as I was often helping out in the classroom anyway, there wasn't any new work for me to see and with Evie's books coming home only last week, Tuck was also up to date. 

Already, with that small adjustment, the day was flowing more gently and there was time to breathe. 

With two well fed and very excited children in tow (one delighted with her early minute, the other delighted to have his playmate for the rest of the day), Tuck and I found ourselves needing to refuel with some lunch but having to wait since we had just thoroughly cleaned our teeth in readiness for our appointments.  Then, as we were on our way towards the dental suite, a call came through asking us to reschedule as our dentist had gone home unwell.  Hallelujah for that!  And just on a side note, does anyone ever visit the dentist without cleaning their teeth beforehand?  Tuck and I were contemplating this as we dealt with our grumbling bellies on the way.  I hold a great deal of admiration for those within the dental profession, as I am sure they encounter many unpleasant situations.

Upon this change in plans, our first reaction was instant joy.  Not because we could divert the dentist for another day, but because we had just been gifted a family day.  Well, half a family day.  Next came a u-turn, followed by a stop for lunch, and then a throw around of ideas for filling the next couple of hours before the owner of the tent would be available.  There was no point going home since we were already on the same side of town as where we needed to be for the tent, so after a casual drive looking around our old stomping ground from many moons ago (before becoming parents, before living in Queensland, before living in Sydney, and before backpacking overseas - yep, we've been around!), we ended up here...

Waterfall Gully - located within the Cleland Conservation Park.



Friends, I must say that those are the best kind of days.  Those ones that become too full of stuff and then quite unexpectedly open wide to allow the joy to flow on in.  I love it when I remember not to try and do it all, not to squeeze it all in because, you know, some things can wait.  Some things are not that important.  And even though there are times where stuff does have to be done and commitments do have to be upheld, nothing trumps family happiness.  Especially the happiness that comes from an unplanned family day.



Oh, and we bought the tent!  We will collect it next week and I simply can't wait to show you.  It's been meticulously well looked after, is made from strong, sturdy canvas (our main pre-requisite) and has all the charm from the very early 80's.  It even has pretty curtains - seriously!  Oh, you wait, it's fabulous.



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