A few things nice



A few things nice includes...

Cheap bulk bags of mangos from our local raw milk collection store. I'm choosing to ignore the food miles on this particular purchase because I know they have been trucked down from the tippy top of Australia but really, they're MANGOS and availability of these bulk bags does not last long.  When we lived up in Queensland we had a thriving mango tree in our back yard.  I miss that tree, but that gluttonous fill pictured above is making up for it.  This particular variety were grown outside of Darwin and I am wholeheartedly grateful to the awesome Truckies who undertake that exhausting journey along the Stuart Highway.  I've travelled that stretch of road through the 'Red Centre' connecting Adelaide to Darwin and it is long and hard.  Though for any adventurer it is incredibly worth it to reach the magical lands of the indigenous Aborigines, those lands are so very sacred. 



Crafting with my babes.  We have had a fairy house as a 'work in progress' project for so long that I have forgotten when exactly it began.  Steadily though, the little fey folk in our garden will have a creation of beauty to call 'home'.



A trip to the beach.  This one is near Port Willunga (about a forty minute drive from home) and offers THE most spectacular coastline.  It is also dog friendly with pooches allowed off the lead well beyond the restricted hours of our more local beach. Snowy enjoyed a jolly good run, grinning widely and then passed out for the rest of the day.



Seed saving with our neglected coriander (cilantro).  I'll dry these out a little more and then pop a small packet away in the cellar for our next crop which we'll sow once the summer heat has passed.  The remainder will live in a jar ready for some lovely culinary treats.



Date Day with my boy.  You didn't really think I'd leave that one out did you?!?  It seems both mine and Tuck's fondness for thrifting has been past down to the next generation.  The popular request from both my babes for their dates was milkshakes and the 'Oppy'.  Noah and I visited a different cafe to where Evie and I dined, followed by a series of fresh Op Shops and then a gourmet burger for lunch (yes my local friends, you bet it was Fancy).  Another top Date Day was had.  And here's the loot gathered from this day of treasure hunting...


Rollerskates!!!  No way was I walking past them for $5!!!  They are a tiny bit big for Noah but he'll fit them in no time.  They fit Evie perfectly and if the two of them are not getting about wearing one rolling shoe each, then they are having turns wearing the pair in five minute intervals.  We currently have a rope stretched between the shed (garage) and the front gate which they are using for support and as a pully system until more balance is found.  They look quite a sight, kitted out with elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards and I've been strapping a cushion to their butts since the backward falls have been frequent.  They are having a blast!

Next are the tap shoes... too big for both of them but I have high hopes for future performances.  In the mean time, I'm having a bit of fun click-clacking away.

And lastly, the globe.  Oh the globe.  I spotted that one behind the counter, having just been brought in as a new arrival from the donation bin outside.  It's been a long long search for me to find a globe like that and I was on it straight away.  It needed a clean and a few screws tightened but now it has pride of place in our craft room.

With two big treasure hunting trips over the last week, I think I've done my dash for a bit but I am feeling very satisfied with our finds.



A new little ritual that we have added to our end of day meal.  This time of day already supports a couple of other shared rituals, but now we have the 'Dad Jar'.  Living on the dining table nowadays is a pad, a pen and this jar.  At the end of each day we all think up a memory we have involving Tuck/Daddy and I write it out and it gets dropped into the jar.  In years to come we will call upon that jar to remind ourselves of those times.  It's a ritual we are all loving and having some good laughs over too.

One more bit of 'nice' for this week was a message from the Blog Techies to say that the comments glitch which has been ongoing for some of you is apparently all fixed.  Please do let me know if you continue to encounter any issues but otherwise, yay to finally having that sorted out.