A happy holyoak weekend



I woke up this morning with a bit of a spring in my step.  It could have been because of the new health boosters I've added to my breakfast smoothy, or maybe it was because the sun was shining on the most glorious Autumn day and we made the spontaneous decision to play 'hooky' from school - responsible adult style hooky where I ring school and let them know we are having a 'family day' whereupon the response I usually get is "good for you" or "sounds great, good on you" - back to my springy step...it could have been because first thing today I ticked off a much needed job from the to-do list (with the help of my brother-in-law), or maybe that spring in my step was because the kids and I wrapped ourselves up in the most divinely gentle weekend.  Those weekend days were perfectly lovely and filled with all those things I had hoped for when I closed my blogging week out on Friday... rest, quiet, craft and connection.

It was all those things and more and, although our weekend kept that pace of gentle quiet connection, it was also strangely productive. 

Here's a sneak peek into some of that good stuff...


  • our wish list for the weekend - ignore the spelling error, it was very early Saturday morning when the kids and I started plotting our days
  • a bike ride along our favourite track
  • a little bit of fun with 'fingernail friends'
  • using up some old tomatoes, plums and celery with a tiny bit of sauce making
  • the local pizza shop brought us dinner
  • time for a henna re-do - the greys and I are not yet at peace
  • ahhh Silvia, she continues to bring me joy
  • raspberry muffins recommended by my lovely friend, Laurie - one bite and we declared them "The. Bomb!"
  • the much needed project on the to-do list - one of the older barrels had non-active termite damage and I decided I wasn't taking any chances.