A little of this & a little of that



As the end of our school year approaches and the excitement of the coming season's festivities build, the days are gaining momentum and our calendar is full.  Overflowing with good times ahead.

This week we have tried to step back and move slow, each of us making remarkable recoveries from a stomach bug that swept through sparing only Tuck, the man with the iron gut.

Our usual commitments have been interspersed with quiet togetherness.

  • Some early morning gaming before breakfast arrived upon the table - it's some serious business this Four In A Row.
  • A little crafting with my boy - I'm soaking up all the time I can before I am without his joyful presence as he takes his next big steps out into the world with two days of Kindy each week in the new year.
  • Eagerly awaiting the hatching of these eggs found nested just outside our front door.
  • The 'Wellness' box which kept a steady place close at hand during those previous days when three of us were needing a little something extra.
  • The start of a new tradition as Evie and Noah begin wood working lessons with their Dadda.
  • From a garden sign to a plane to a boat that "really floats in the bath Mumma!"

A whole lot of joy there has been had and in celebration of all my friends giving 'Thanks' at this time, I too give thanks for my good health, these good times and all the good people I am blessed to share these days with.  Those folks near and those who are far, and those connected through thought and our computers.  Technology, I am grateful for the contact you allow.

Happy days friends.