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Check . It . Out !!!!  You can click here for the Before shots and here for the Action shots.  These ones right here, are the Afters.

I've decided I must have done something pretty darn outstanding in a previous life to have become so blessed in this one.  Really truly, I am absolutely serious about that.  Just have a look at these photos would you!?!  I mean that's twice now where a team of people have come along and worked themselves until their bodies ached just to help me out.  And each time I have been left with a transformed garden and an everlasting glow within my heart. 

Just like that, in leaps and bounds things are taking shape with this garden of ours and I can't remember if I've mentioned so before (I think I have but I'm too hot right now to go traipsing through my archives to find which post) but I am certain beyond any shadow of doubt that Tuck is weaving magic with whoever/whatever wonders he is surrounded by out there and that magic is helping to make these things happen.  There's serendipity that can maybe be overlooked with the power of our rational minds and then there is serendipity that is so obvious you have no other choice but to giggle with glee, surrender to what is and open yourself to the love and gratitude of it all.  And so it is with that last interpretation that I tag this series of events that have entered my life over the past eleven months.  That Mabel piece of mine (out now and available here - although if you're outside of the U.S. prepare to gasp a little over the freight and exchange rate - not Mabel's fault) describes more about this too. 

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So now I have a structure, my platform is in place and the true fun is just beginning.  Once the heat of summer has past, perhaps around mid autumn, I will roll out some beautiful lush grass in that eastern garden area you see above - between the garden bed along the fence line and the garden bed along the veranda.  That bed along the veranda will become a growing area for a mix of annual and perennial ornamental flowers.  A blend of pretty and fragrant, bright and bold, small and delicate.  Some that are purely there to greet you with happiness as you walk to the front door, and some that beg to be cut and arranged within vases inside.  The aggies that were engulfing that area have been dug up, thinned out, separated and then transplanted into a neat row along the veranda edge, with some in the opposite eastern bed along the fence line (you can just make them out in the shadows of that photo above).  The surplus I listed on our beloved community site (where the free fill and pavers came from - talked about here) and they were snapped up straight away.  Loved my opportunity to "pay it forward" in some small way!


The strip that runs parallel with the entry path next to the trampoline is designated to natives.  I love wattle, all the myriad of varieties, but will select just two - a larger one to grow inside the entrance gate and a small variety will grow as an under-story.  The rest of this bed will become a mix of bush tucker plants and hardy sun lovers.  I've been swooning a good deal over these seed packets and I may have to purchase a few for planting.  Especially the Billy Buttons, Kangaroo Paws and Everlasting Daisies.  Oh there's just a whole lot of happiness to be had in even just those three.  Tuck was a very big fan of natives so this garden bed will grow in memory of him. 

To complete the rock border there will be a step of salvaged railway sleeper (cut to size) allowing an easy passage between the grassed area and the "playground" mulch kids area.  I'm also thinking a table and chairs would go well up here - perhaps under the shade of what will become the Mulberry tree once it is transplanted next winter - missed my window on that this year!

That north facing vegie garden pictured way up top, is now ready for a fence and a whole bunch of other exciting stuff, but before I get too ahead of myself I'm getting that back water tank into place otherwise I'll sabotage my access.  So that, my friends, is where it's at.  These next few months will be full of planning and tank prep as well as installation.  I'll be harvesting those winter rains when they come, you can bet on that!  Right now we're sweltering under our hottest December heatwave "on record" and I am so glad I have nothing fragile yet planted.  Those hedge plants, however, the row planted along our front fence line are currently sheltering under several lengths of shade cloth.  That was my project last weekend when I looked ahead at the coming forecast and saw this weeks temps above 40'C (104'F).  Given another few years and those lilly pillies will be far more resilient and may not even need the shade but having only planted them out two years ago, that puts me still in nurture mode.

As for everything else, they mostly seem to be holding up rather well but I do really need to figure out some shade for the two cherry trees and the passionfruit that are in the half wine barrels.  They have grown enough to tolerate a bit but this Aussie summer of ours is just beginning!

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