Back from the beach



Doesn't a couple of nights away, unplugged and in the company of your own people, leave you full with goodness and ready to go ahead into the coming week?

We are so very blessed to have access to a beach house within our family, the keys to which are regularly swapping hands.  It's nothing ritzy but that makes it even better since we don't have to be too concerned about traipsing sand inside.  It's the location that can't be beat.  Within a one hour drive from home we can be there, sleeping right over the quiet road from the beach and close enough to the nearest town to be able to grab supplies should we need.

I have sisters, a few of them.  I am the youngest of four girls and between their respective families and our mum, demand is high for weekenders spent at Middleton.  Dibs tend to be on a 'first in best dressed' basis with priority always going rightfully to our mum.  Usually, when a public holiday falls alongside the weekend, claims on the beach house happen long in advance.  I'm not that organised when it comes to putting in the early request, so am very glad that Tuck's days off tend to differ from the masses and we get to head 'down south' when the rest of the family have commitments keeping them in town.  This weekend just passed was the Labour Day long weekend here in South Australia and coincidentally Tuck had the days off.   By shear fluke we still had the keys from our last visit and in a triple strike of good luck, it was available.  A miracle in itself given we only decided to try for it a few days prior.  So lucky I tell you!

Off we went, overnight bags packed with a cooler bag full of perishables and a small box of staples from the pantry.  Yes indeed, a jar of labne came too as well as Snowy the puppy.

Just down the hill from us is the entrance to the Southern Expressway, the exit of which brings you to the fringes of the Fleurieu Peninsula wine region, namely, McLaren Vale.  We didn't stop for any cellar door action, but with over 75 wineries around, there is plenty of tastings and fine food to be had.  The road leading you through makes for some beautiful scenery with fields full of the unmistakable lines of grape vines.  From here the route takes you up, down and deeper into farming land with produce of all sorts.  A few turns later followed by one very steep climb uphill and you are greeted by the most spectacular view of coastline.  I missed getting a photo of that view - I fumbled for the camera a little too late.  The downhill stretch brings you straight to the final Middleton turnoff and a few minutes later, we turn down the coast road bringing us to the house.  Some of these photos were taken through an open car window whilst driving along (Tuck at the wheel) so there won't be any image quality awards given out for those but I'm not one to let that get in the way.  This is the ruthlessly edited version!  I know, there is a lot of them but I just can't help myself.  Remember you can always click on the image to enlarge.



Oh, the excitement of arrival is clear from each one of us every time we go.  Once parked, we unlock, unload, unpack and unwind.  This weekend our days were spent frolicking within the calm waters of Horseshoe Bay (not always clad in seaweed), strolling the Port Elliot Rotary Market, watching the surfers and relishing our own slice of beach front.  Plus reading, knitting, colouring and just generally hanging out. 



Total bliss my friends.


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