I'm going to back track just for a sec so I can show you what my babes received for Christmas this year.  There were a few "stocking fillers" of course, although in our home there are no official stockings as such, just the little extras that get placed under the tree late on Christmas Eve and the pillow cases printed with Santa scenes which get placed at the end of their beds awaiting that important visit once all are asleep.



This year, or rather last year, it was not the gifts that appeared in those pillow cases that had me so satisfied, but the ones which were requested from Tuck and I.  That gift is what we consider to be the 'main' and this time around Evie asked for a "Science table set-up, with a microscope Mumma". 

At this point I am already beaming because what parent wouldn't be super chuffed when their child asks for something like that?  I'm pretty sure that particular desire is not the most popular idea circling among the buddies at school and I have to say that her Dad and I were not really surprised to find her wishing for something unique.  This is a girl who at nearly seven years of age is changing and growing each and every day before our very eyes and sometimes I just want to pause and bottle her as she is and in the next breath I adore who she is becoming just so much that it fascinates me to watch her transform.  While she loves and enjoys the interests of her playmates, she is one who has always chosen her own.  Who knows where this attraction to Science may take us, but for right now we are looking at slides and discovering what lies beneath the naked eye.  Oh, and the actual table part is a loaner that we happen to be storing for my sister-in-law, but you can bet we are on the lookout at all our usual haunts (those being hard rubbish piles, garage sales and op-shops) for a more permanent substitute.



Work began on the gift for our Knight in Shining Armour long ago.  This four year old of ours is completely immersed within the world of chivalry complete with tournaments, jousts, King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and all those of the Round Table.  One afternoon many months ago, Noah and I got to plotting out a scabbard to protect the sword he was given for his last Birthday.  The fabric for the scabbard came from an old, shapeless jacket I was given during a wardrobe clear out from my Mum.  She knows me and although even she would admit this jacket had very little going for it (it even crinkled like cardboard when you put it on), she would have added it to the bag of "hand-me-downs" with the thought of, "oh, she'll be able to make something out of it".  Well, truth be told, I had my doubts and had even destined it to the Op-shop (that's a thrift store) pile before this fateful day of 'scabbarding' with my boy.  I remember looking at my fabric stash before spinning around and declaring to Noah that I had just the thing and off I went to retrieve the jacket from that pile.  Months later, it has become not just a scabbard but a tunic (a-la Robin Hood style - kind of) with matching belt.  Although not a complete surprise, Noah was thrilled as he unwrapped and unveiled the finished product.  And how did Father Christmas know that it would be a perfect match for the red/orange cape?  Yep, it is a Sarah Silk, but bought from an Australian stockist with a Lion/Griffin hybrid printed onto iron-on transfer paper to fully realise his Christmas wish.  On the side, golly that was a nerve racking process... ironing the transfer onto silk!  But ever so slowly, using all the precautions I could think of, it worked out a dream. 



One of their "stocking fillers" was this book which I had to include here because it has been on my wish list since Evie's days at Kindergarten and now that we finally have a copy I am so happy.  It is wonderful!  And for any Australian, big or small, I highly recommend it.  It is full of such fascinating facts and quite serendipitously compliments the Science set-up too.



Right, I'm all finished with the backtrack now, and with the Christmas decorations packed away today, I am ready to move on!

ps/ I've been having camera issues so some of these photos are a little hazy, but stay tuned for some exciting news on that front.