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I’m going to try and do a whole bunch of blogging this week because I’m feeling just a tad behind on posting about all the exciting stuff going on in my world.  You know... so much to blog about, no chance to actually sit down and do it!

I'll begin with the working bee that took place a few weeks ago.  I mentioned about this here and here and today I’m bringing you all the Before shots.  Over the next few days I’ll upload the action shots from the day itself and then, saving the best for last, will be the Afters.  Once I'm done with talking about the working bee, I want to share my Alice Top (she’s finished if you happen to be following on Instagram!) and then I’m hoping and waiting (maybe a little impatiently) for my copy of Mabel to arrive because there’s a whole lot I wish to say about that too. 

Among all this, we are also into our final week of the school year so there are many celebrations and much excitement being had, including our local Christmas pageant which we went along to (actually we participated in) for the first time and, oh my… it was a BLAST!  So much fun!  Then there's been Celebration Night at Kindy last week and another Celebration Night at school this week.  Fwuff!  It's all happening :-)

So, that’s enough chatter… let’s see some scrappy garden shots and tomorrow (or the next day) I’ll explain more about how this day came to be.

East Garden.jpg
Before Rock Wall.jpg
Front Garden.jpg
Rocks and Pavers.jpg

Wait til you see what's happened with those rocks and that stack of pavers!  The rocks you may remember from the last working bee - they were a score off Freecycle many months ago.  The pavers, another freebie off of our local community site, the same site from where I got that 15 tonne of free earth!  And, all 1500 of those pavers were collected for me, trailer load after trailer load, by that same friend who moved that 15 tonne of earth!  Part of me thinks he's a glutton for punishment, but mostly he is actually just incredibly generous, supportive and enthusiastic about helping people.  Oh, and just because the earth and pavers weren't quite fulfilling enough, he is also the one who organised this entire working bee!  So, stay tuned for the action from that day...

From Driveway.jpg