Winter 2017


Erhumm, right then...  I think perhaps an apology is needed.  I am sorry for disappearing from this space without any notice at all.  I did put a little post up on Instagram, way back in July, explaining where I was at and my need to retreat but that explanation never quite made it here.

Three months it's been!!!  Pretty much the whole of Winter!  Shortly after my last post, I hit a wall.  It was a classic and very real case of burnout and none too pleasant.  I promptly decided to shut down and go into radical self-care mode.  I thought maybe it would only be for a week or two, but then I found myself embarking on several big changes all at once.  Life offered me a cross road, or a fork would be more accurate - right as those two massive eclipses came about... funny that eh?!  Things needed fixing, externally and internally and since I'm not one to delay matters, I swiftly went about purging some old to make way for the new.  Thing was, I wasn't entirely sure what those new things were going to look like and to be honest, I'm still only a tiny bit clearer.  One thing is certain though, as soon as I closed a few doors, new ones opened.  Fresh opportunities appeared and decisions had to be made.  To do so, I really had to filter out the noisy online world of social media in order to process all that was needed and integrate this next faze in my journey.  The changes are all very new and still unfolding, thus I am moving through very consciously and mindfully - or at least I am trying to, but let me tell you there is a good dose of anxiety going on!  I am needing to remind myself constantly of my own words... observe it without attaching to it.  Urgh, so much easier said than done!

Once I have found my feet a little more firmly, I can't wait to share more about this new direction of mine and although I am not wishing this year away just yet, I do feel that 2018 is set to be a good one.  I am so, so grateful to those of you who reached out with sweet words of kindness and support.  Thank you!!!  It filled my heart to have you check up on me xo

So here we are, the Spring Equinox was a small handful of days ago and Winter is behind us.  These pics are a snapshot of some of the many things we 3 have been up to... **



We are a beach loving family, four seasons of the year!  Do not be fooled, while those two appear in shorts, this Mumma was layered up in her merinos!  Besides, who can resist playing 'Otter' and sliding down the sand mounds?


The mini-orchard is slowly starting to take shape!  This years plantings include... 2 varieties of pear, 1 nectarine, 1 peach, 1 apricot, 1 Kaffir lime, 1 mandarin (making a total of 2), and 3 blueberries.  Although digging those holes practically killed me and happened to coincide with the nuclear implosion of our hot-water service (read: no hot shower at the end of a hard day digging! - it was not a good week!), despite those begrudged character building experiences, I am now thrilled that those trees have their roots in the earth!


We foraged for olives!  Around here, olives are actually considered a pest, having been introduced with early European settlement.  But given there are so many trees growing wild nearby we decided to have our first attempt at harvesting a few.  There are now three jars down in the cellar which, according to Matt and Lentil of Grown & Gathered, should be ready by Christmas!

And then there was pinecone collecting.  We were a little late with it this year as normally this is a late Summer - early Autumn activity.  But, with the olive trees neighbouring the pine forest... well, better late than never :)  And, FYI, if you weren't already aware, pinecones make for the very best fire-starters!


And now here we are...  Hello Spring! 

I do hope all is well in your corner of the world, friends!

Lots of love xo


**I just realised that none of them show the crafting that went on.  Let me tell you, craft as we all know, has been a saviour!  There's been knitting, stitching, makeovers, novels read and even a Game of Thrones binge session - I was a little behind on my seasons!