The Craft Sessions 2016

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Today it's all about the photos!  There's plenty here but you may notice a few gaps from the weekend - I'll tell you why in a sec. 

When I went to The Craft Sessions last year I chose two full day workshops, both exploring skills I was interested in and keen to try, but had not yet done so.  They were dyeing with Australian native plants and textile collage.  I loved them both but this year I decided to get a little more practical with my preferences.  It was possibly the only way I was going to narrow down the delicious smorgasbord of workshops on offer!  I very nearly put spoon carving and ceramics down for my first choices and I most certainly did add them to the preference list, but this time I really wanted to practise areas that I am more likely to truly use in my everyday crafting life.

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So my classes for this year were:

Garment Sewing - Knit Leggings with Anna Ng (Friday afternoon)

Knitting - Clever Cast Ons and Bind Offs with Kirsten Johnstone (Saturday morning)

and Handwork - Embroidery Sampler with Elizabeth Barnett (Sunday)

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And here's where I'll explain about the gaps!  The knit leggings class was fantastic and I can't wait to sew many, many more and then I can actually have some decent leggings to wear - am I the only one who struggles to find such things?  I came away with a great pattern and enough confidence in knit fabrics to be able to select wisely.  I can certainly cheat with the waist band but if I want to get all fancy then I now have a double needle and I've even discovered what on Earth stretch nylon thread is and looks like.  The class ran for four hours and there was a lot to do!  So much in fact, that I did not stop to take one single photograph!  Not one!!!  And that is the reason for gap number one. 

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After some much needed sleep I woke to have a yummy breakfast on the Saturday morning and made my way to Clever Cast Ons and Bind Offs with Kirsten.  And here is the second gap.  Part way into the class I went down with the vomits.  I know right?  Boooo!  Who knows what it was... tummy bug?  Dodgy airport food from the day before?  I don't know.  It came out of nowhere and came on hard and fast.  After delicately excusing myself from class I spent the rest of the day and evening holed up in my room with the bathroom bin next to me in bed.  My roomy came in sometime in the afternoon and sounded the alarm.  Fel and the girls took such great care of me with text messages to make sure I was okay and room service for dinner, by which stage I had started to come good and actually felt hungry again.  I did keep myself quarantined and my roomy relocated to another cabin just in case.  So anyway, that's why I missed getting pics of Kirsten's class and I missed the mini-market on Saturday afternoon too!  Last year I picked up the most gorgeous yarn and fabric from that market... ahhh sigh, maybe next year :)

On a brighter note, I woke up Sunday morning back in action and eager for breakfast and a day of embroidery.

Falcon Room.jpg
Not mine!  This beautiful rosette was a sample stitched by  Elizabeth , as are the two works below.

Not mine!  This beautiful rosette was a sample stitched by Elizabeth, as are the two works below.

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This one is mine, or the beginnings of it anyway ;)

That one above is mine, or the beginnings of it anyway ;)

The results from all of us students at days end.

The results from all of us students at days end.

A small word about something else.  Once you collect your key from the TCS gals and make your way to your room, there is something so very super duper special that awaits you.  It's your Goodies Bag!  Oh . My . Goodness . Gracious . Me!!  The Goodies Bag!  Let me tell you it is FULL of the most exquisite crafter delights.  There's fat quarters, a pattern, samplers, discount cards galore, mini skeins and so much more.  I could show you pics of the whole lot but I think that would be teasing, instead, I'll leave you with this wee little taste...

Happy week ahead, friends xo

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ps/ excuse the wacky light tones... golden in the dining room from all that warm timber paneling, and all sorts in the Falcon Room.  It's really hard to get some kind of balance so I didn't bother fiddling with settings, I just snapped away merrily instead.