Craft Room Makeover



That spool holder above was knocked together many, many years ago by my Grandfather.  It was a request from my Grandmother, who like many of her generation, was an avid artist, sewer and homemaker.  Unfortunately, I do not remember sharing any of those activities with her as she was already crippled from severe arthritis before I had the eagerness to learn.  I do remember her cookies though and would have happily eaten my way through her whole barrel given half a chance. 

A long time ago, in between leaving our old home in Queensland and finding this family home of ours now, we spent some time living with my Mum.  During those days, we underwent a bit of a clean out of her back shed.  Amid the boxes and piles gathered there over the years was a small box full of my Grandmother's sewing notions.  I'm not sure I even took a breath before asking my Mum if I could have the whole box.  Within it I unearthed some golden treasures, including that 200mm thick wooden slab randomly punctured with nails.  If it weren't for the roughly penciled, circular spool outlines, I'm not entirely certain I would have known it's purpose.  These days, that spool holder sits happily among my collection, along with my Grandmother's entire hoard of buttons, some of her stash tins and a few old patterns.

Our Craft Room (yes we have a whole room!  I know, we are totally lucky!) is split in two.  As you enter through the door, the right side is dedicated to the kids, with the left side being all for me (I'm grinning).  You can read a little more about how much I love this space of ours here, but for now I thought you might like to know that it's been given a little makeover.  Nothing drastic, just a good tidy up, some reorganising, a bit of moving around and a great deal of stash thinning.



This making room of ours lives in a state of perpetual mess, which is mostly quite fine with me since it is easily separated from the rest of the house by simply closing the door.  Lately however, I have been finding that the sheer build up of mess and collected craft materials has actually blocked my creative flow.  Sure my ideas and inclination have still thrived, but the follow through has been lacking due to the overwhelming sea of stuff!  My friend Felicia writes regularly about this on her blog with her Stash Less series.  I've recommended that series of her's before and if you didn't get the chance to click your way over there for a read, or if you are new here, then I truly believe having a read of Stash Less is time well spent.  Felicia is always so honest and thought provoking and the inspiration you will find there can be translated in all manner of ways, not just with crafting stashes.  No matter how you hoard or choose to consume you are bound to read some words of value.  Trust me!



Now, back to this Craft Room makeover of ours.  I've been through all the drawers, the shelves, the cupboards and removed, thinned out and passed on, and yet with all that, there is still plenty of supplies.  At least now it fits into the allocated storage areas and isn't spilling out onto each and every surface around.  And, um... regarding that photo above, please don't hold my filthy windows against me.  It's on the to-do list, it's been on that to-do list for quite some time and somewhat keeps getting trumped by more pressing jobs.  Looking at this photo though, I am starting to think those windows might become a priority... ick!



There's a story that goes with those broken remnants above.  Ha, of course there is, there's a story that goes with pretty much everything within our home.  Those pieces of ceramic have each been discovered whilst rummaging through various areas of our garden, mainly the backyard tip.  I have no doubt that there is more still waiting to be found and none of them belong to anything that was originally ours but all of them telling their own story.  Little pieces of jigsaw from the lives that filled the 130+ years before us.  I find them fascinating and they set me full of wonder.  I'll continue to add to this collection as I find more and one day I plan to make something out of them, a mosaic perhaps?

Meanwhile, with this clearing out and reorganising, the activity has already sprouted anew.  It's just as well too, since I'm on a schedule with a couple of current projects as there is a special man in my life who will be turning five this month.  Best I get on with it then and don't fret because you know I will be sharing those projects here upon completion.



Have a great week, friends!