Dreams can come true



When I closed out on 2014 with a blog post titled, Out with the old, in with the new, it was more in reference to the beginning of a new year, the fresh intentions that brings and the switch to unmarked calendars.  Never did I think it would include the acquisition of a most longed for piece of equipment.  But as it turns out, 2015 is already bringing about some super-duper awesomeness! 

I've been dreaming and saving for the day in which I would bring home one of these.  At my last count, the pennies still kept it a little way off and so I have continued to persevere with my eight year old Nikon D80.  My Nikon has served me well, so very well.  It has been a workhorse and I have used it and used it and used it some more.  I've loved working with it and will always remember that camera fondly since it was the model that launched me into the world of DSLRs.  Over the past year however, it has been deteriorating and a most rapid decline has occurred over the last couple of months.  I've had to work hard, really hard, to get any semblance of a decent shot out of it, but had resolved to keep going for as long as it took to collect those savings.

Last week, fresh into the New Year, I celebrated one more waltz around the sun.  The day before my birthday I was presented with an early gift.  Not long after Tuck and the kids came home from some mysterious outing was I sat down on the couch with two excited (and bouncy) children next to me and a heavy box placed in my lap by one husband who stood close by.

As I unstuck the first fold of wrapping and peeled back the paper, it didn't take me long to recognise the markings on the box.  It was such a surprise and so completely unexpected.  I was so overwhelmed that I kind of started to cry.  Joyful tears, but I was a bit of a blubbering mess for a few moments there.  I know, I know, it's just a thing.  A material thing that loses value the way a new car does the moment it drives off the lot.  Monetary value that is, but I'm not sure I can dismiss the many other areas of value that Canon 70D will offer me over the coming years.  So, despite the fact that I'm not overly proud of my attachment to this thing, I'm still petting it and grinning like a Cheshire Cat every time I pick it up and have a play.  The thrill that I get from that definitive click.  It's more of a clunk really, but in such a good way.  Of course I could silence it but that would kill half my buzz.  That sound is strong and assuring and offers me such an opportunity for fun and exploration. 

I'll be learning with this camera for a while, but what a joy it will be.   Right now, it's about getting familiar with all the usual bits I already know.  I feel like I did thirteen years ago when in 2002 I made the switch from PC to MAC.  What a breath of fresh air that was and not that I condemn Nikon (or PCs), heavens no, my D80 was a wonderful unit, I just think that Canon and this slick 70D suit me far better.

Those three people who gifted me that box have called me "The Shutterbug" for a good few years now.  This camera might just raise the bar on that even further.  Mmm... do you think they'll start wishing they just stuck with flowers?