For the love of flowers


I have a new obsession.  Maybe not new per se, but more the rekindling of an old flame.  With so many spring blooms around us, the kids and I decided to take a little wonder around our garden, snips and basket in hand.  Our purpose was to collect some of that colourful goodness and press it.  Oh I had forgotten how much I love this act and the very best bit of all is yet to come.  That moment when we get to unwind the screws and discover what beauty lies within.

We collected many flowers, stems and leaves and filled both our presses - which, by the way, were op shop (thrift store) treasures of just a few mere dollars.  Whether I follow through with these flowers or a future lot probably depends on what is left after the kids have had their fun, but I have had this idea and this idea on my Pinterest board for a long while and I do rather fancy playing around with something of the like.

How about you?  Have you got any gorgeous floral endeavours going on?