From the days just past



Hello friends.  Around these parts, the past few days have been so fantastically full.  Brimming with making and baking, packing and organising, all of it drawing us towards a pre-dawn departure tomorrow morning.  Our roady/camping trip is upon us and it's not just the wee folk who have this home bubbling with excitement. 

I will be away from here while we are gone and our time will be mostly (if not totally) unplugged.  I can't wait to share so much of our juicy goodness from the next ten days.  I'm already bursting with anticipation.

First though, a quick share of a few little pieces from our last few days.

A crafting project - the kids and I thought it would be fun to make up some bunting so we could string it up around our campsite.  Subsequently my fabric stash was attacked.  We decided to cut a triangle sample from every piece of fabric, all except the Anna Maria Horner flannel since we were keeping to flat cottons.  It's finished up being ten metres long friends!  That's a lot of bunting.  I am so looking forward to the fireside discussions over which print is whose favourite.

I got the rise - it seems my cultivating came up trumps with a successful sourdough starter.  It is now in the fridge awaiting our return and the beginning of some regular baking, of the sourdough variety.

A hessian (burlap) sack - lovingly brought home from my early morning spent helping to pack bags for our local co-op.  I've been meaning to get myself to one of the in-house coffee roasters around to see if I could relieve them of any bags and then, lo and behold, this one was kindly offered to me with the likelihood of more.  I don't have an exact project in mind I just know I have stumbled across many wonderful upcycling ideas like the ones in this book.

Breakfast muffins - baked and ready for breaky on the road, with a thermos of freshly percolated coffee to be sipped by the two adults in the front.  Those two cherubs talked me into letting them have one after dinner - a dozen between the four of us?  Yes we could spare a couple.

Packed, loaded and ready - good heavens, there is barely room to breath!  How long are we camping for?...I think I need to practice the art of less is more for the next trip.

That's all for now folks, as the cockerel sings we will be on our way.  See you after the 12th!