From the pages of taproot



I'm the kind of gal who enjoys several creative projects all at once.  I never know quite what I might be in the mood for so I've usually always got a choice between knitting, sewing, reading, gluing, painting or any one of a manner of makings.  None of them are ever rushed and I like to approach these activities as my wind down from whatever busy-ness has been had.  I suppose they serve me like a gentle, active meditation, sometimes with the kids and sometimes in the quiet of a sleeping house.

That said, I have always professed to being a slow knitter, maybe even painfully slow and one day as my confidence grows I dream of being the kind of knitter who can knit and converse at the same time.  Maybe even hold eye contact as I do that conversing.  Oh, now that would be fun.  For now though, knitting requires my attention, I need to look at what I'm doing and maybe if it's just knit stitch I am able to lift my eyes away for brief moments while looping the yarn or something. 

For the better part of this year I have had three knitted projects on the go amongst all those other crafty endeavours.  The first is a shawl which I finally decided I was never going to finish because it simply required FAR too much focus for where I am at.  The stitches are intricate and it would make a beautiful shawl but I've decided to show case my handiwork and cast off early (very early!), add a button to one corner and voila, a cute little head scarf it is!  I will take a picture when I get that button on and wear it for the first time.

The second project is a jumper for Tuck.  I'm not giving myself a deadline, or perhaps I should because at this stage I just hope it still fits him by the time I'm finished.  It's not tricky (yet) and is mostly a simple knit stitch, but I put it down a while ago and haven't managed to get back to it.  It's just the enormity of it, the fact that I've still got so much to knit and I have to admit, I rather like a project that offers a good dose of quick gratification.



Which brings me to my third project.  Freshly completely and off the needles, this one is going to be a Christmas gift.  Or rather a Birthday gift given on Christmas Day.  It's still taken me a while to finish, not because it's complicated, definitely not, but because of my inclination to pursue many hobbies all at once.  This pattern was taken from the pages of Taproot Magazine and has many options for style.  I chose the slouchy hat because that's the design I think will best suit the receiver.  My yarn is even similar in colour to what Carrie Bostick Hoge chose for the photographic example on page 46 of Issue 8 :: Reclaim.  I did some secret squirrelling to unearth the favourite colour of the wearer which happens to be blues and greys and used a 100% pure merino Argentinian yarn sourced from my local handcraft store.  I have fallen in love with how soft and cosy it feels.  It was one of the easiest yarns I have worked with, although my history is rather limited, plus it was my first try at casting on using the long-tail method of which I am now a very big fan (thanks You Tube).  Trying it on makes me want one for myself and with requests coming in from the two little people in the house I think I will have to knock out another couple before next winter.  Even Tuck has admired it but I think he's starting to worry that if I keep getting sidetracked on beanies he may never get his jumper.  Actually, he probably has fair grounds for concern on that one.



Thanks to Tuck for the two photos above, and to Snowy for modelling with me.