Fun with files


Spoiler alert with the photo above.

Who would've thought.  I am actually having fun with my filing and I think I may well have cracked my conundrum.  Throughout all my adult years I have had a vague wonder about how I could actually make paperwork and filing fun for myself and muster a system to which I could commit.  As you know, I began with this overhaul last week and I am now super proud to show what has resulted. 



Before I get to that though, checking the photo above you can see things got pretty messy for a day or so.  That clearing in the middle is where I sat earlier this week, shuffling 360 degrees towards wherever the relevant pile was located.  That's how I work, on the floor, spread out and in amongst it.  Once I got to this point of organised chaos, it didn't take long before I was looking at this...



I know, I felt the excitement building too.  Today, I finally got the last of the papers sorted, labelled and filed and I am feeling pretty darn stoked about this latest achievement.

Firstly, as I mentioned last week, I had to make things aesthetically pleasing.  That meant bright, happy, fun and pretty.  Accessibility and convenience were topping the list too otherwise the happy and the fun weren't going to fit.  Ultimately, the real excitement came with the realisation that my solution had been staring at me every day since last September.

I knew long ago that the box had to go (I'm referring to the purple file box mentioned in my last post and seen in the photos).  The home for this box meant that each time I wanted to add or retrieve something, I had to crawl under the desk, shoving the chair out the way so I could drag the box from it's place on the shelf and continue wriggling and dragging both myself and the box away under the desk, through the gap left by the chair and out onto the lounge room floor.  All the while knocking my head and elbow a few times in the process.  See why I favoured the top drawer?  Not an efficient system and definitely no fun to be had!

I have been desperately needing more shelf space on those shelves by my desk but lacked a better spot to keep that box.  Then I had my light bulb moment and my perfect solution came into play.  Those of you who have been with me a while will remember Papa Reimann's cabinet, but if you have only recently joined in on this adventure then click on through for that story.

I'm a little surprised this idea did not occur to me last year, but guess what all those metal drawers are for?  Yeah, well, Great Papa Reimann must have known a thing or two about filing so why not use them for what he intended?  I've never really been able to warm towards the more corporate style of filing cabinet and we all know the purple box an't cutting it, so you can be sure that I'm rather thrilled to be trading in my old system for those drawers inside that cabinet.

The cabinet became my 'nut cracker' and once I had that insight I knew I was on the fast track to an effective solution.  The rest was almost easy with the purchase of those fun and colourful manilla folders and Martha's metal labels to tie in with the industrial drawers.  All that was left was to dedicate a bit of time to pull the whole thing together.  And, if you've read that previous post from last September, I'll let you know that the secret compartment is a perfect spot for keeping a few secret things.  No... I'm still not going to reveal the where or how of that one, I pledged an oath remember?  But I will say that Papa Reimann was a clever and very skilled man and I am feeling mighty grateful to him right now.

I think I may have promised you a bit of an 'after' shot of my workstation too but I'm going to have to get back to you on that for it is still in a 'work in progress'.  It's been a busy week around these parts with four birthdays (!) celebrated within the family (more on that coming) including one young lady in this house who turned seven!  So, here's hoping the next time I check in here I'll have those 'after' photos and lots of birthday surprise goodness as well.

Best I be getting onto some preparation for a party that's happening around these parts tomorrow!