Gala event



Things have been busy around these parts, folks!  Busy in very exciting ways, although I am looking forward to the quieter months ahead.  Over the past couple of weeks I have had three separate writing deadlines to meet and we have been gearing up for the gala event of the year.  I should add a winky smile to that because my version of a 'gala event' is a little splurge on these...


Plus these...


Equals the Gala Event...


I'll be back in a few days with a full report!

Wishing you a great weekend, friends.


*The hat is Tuck's old work hat, freshly washed and ready for it's first day of work with it's new owner... me!

**Rossi's are a South Aussie family run company with local manufacturing and, in my humble opinion, are the very best work boots around.  They've been making these babies for over a century!  I discovered them when I was fresh out of school and needing good footwear for my first part-time job.  This set are my third so with twenty-three years that's an average of seven and a half years per pair!  They are made to last I tell you.

***Overalls are from here and have been on my wishlist since forever ago.  With the Aussie dollar exchange rate, they were a big splurge but I gave myself permission.  Can't wait to crack them in!  And excuse the wrinkles, I never iron unless I'm sewing.

ps/ no affiliate links there.

pps/ if you're new here and wondering what has prompted this working bee, please feel free to have a read here and some of the post thereafter.  And, welcome, it's lovely to have you visit xo