Girls day out



It was Noah's first day of (Big Kids) kindy last Thursday and he loved it!  He didn't skip a beat but got straight into things, grinning all the while and to anyone unfamiliar it would have appeared as though all was perfect in his world.  And for him, in that ever present moment way that children hold, that was probably just the way it was and should be.  I gained peace from that.

We had organised for Evie to have the day off school so she and I could uphold some plans we had made during the holidays.  The original date for our plans got rescheduled due to the impossibility of these last couple of weeks, but both of us felt the deep need to follow through with our Girl's Day sooner rather than later.

For all three of us, the day was our chance to step away from everything.  At Kindy, Noah is able to just be a four year old kid, the same as the others and last Thursday, Evie and I were simply a Mum and her daughter hanging out doing the things we love.  And just by the by, although Evie skipped a couple of days last week, she has been thoroughly enjoying being back at school.  I guess it's her chance to be a typical kid too. 

Let me tell you more about our date... it rocked!!!  We kicked it off straight after taking Noah to kindy by heading 'down the hill' toward the beach.  The day was beautifully warm and sunny, but not too hot.  The Op-shops (thrift store for all non-aussies) we were staking out were not yet open so we swapped our activities around and found a table in the sun at a beachside cafe for coffee, a milkshake and a few rounds of Mr. Squiggle*.  Then we trawled the local 'Oppies' and came away with quite a loot for under $30.  A few 'new to me' wardrobe pieces, several books including a vintage copy of Oliver Twist, a vintage tea cup and saucer with a little more capacity to it than my other tea cups, plus a couple of little toys for the kids. Then it was back to the same cafe for lunch before ice creams on the beach.  There was just enough time to deliver our bundles home before picking up the kindy lovin' boy.  My next date is tomorrow where Noah and I will amuse ourselves with a confidential outing while Evie is at school.  In this house, 'Date Days' have no rules and what happens on 'date day' stays on 'date day'... except if one of them hacks into my blog... but that's not likely to happen any time soon so I think the secrets are safe.



*Mr. Squiggle is the name we have given to a game recently introduced to us by one of my super duper special Queensland friends (did you know we use to live in Queensland?  Evie and Noah were both born up on the Sunshine Coast).  The idea of Mr. Squiggle is one person closes their eyes and draws a mark of some kind on a piece of paper.  It can be anything at all - long, short, large, small, twirly, curly or straight.  The other person then creates a picture from that mark.  It is so much fun and allows for your imagination to run wild!