Happy hiking



I've got some photos to show you, are you ready?  My new toy has been given it's first real workout.

We went for a family hike on the weekend.  It was a bit overdue and last Sunday presented us with the perfect chance.  During the past week our South Australian weather has been wacky, to say the least.  Barely seven days ago we had temperatures close to 40'C (100'F) and nasty bushfires raging throughout the Southern Mount Lofty Ranges - that's part of the Adelaide Hills but not near where we are and although no human lives were lost, many animals were, along with their natural habitats.  A great deal of rural property was also damaged or destroyed.  Then just a few days ago, strong winds matched heavy rainfall, a level not seen in our dry state for three decades and led to flash flooding up in the north.  Another crazy deluge came the night before last and continued for most of yesterday, albeit lighter.  Last Sunday gave us something in between - it was fine, overcast and mild.  Perfect for hiking so we explored a local secret.  Chambers Gully was new to the kids and had not been trodden by Tuck and I for a very, very long time.  Some fifteen years to be precise.  Before career changes, before travels abroad, before three separate interstate moves, before marriage, and certainly before babies were born.

This place is only a ten to fifteen minute drive from the CBD and really not much more from our hills neighbourhood.  I've introduced you to other parts of The Mount Lofty Ranges and Cleland Conservation Park here and here and this area is just as magical... maybe even more due to how untouched and unknown it is.



Time to play around with some of those features.  This new camera of mine is such fun...



Clicking on any of these images will enlarge them and that might help to get a clearer view of those buildings on the horizon (below).  That's our CBD, it's little and suits this small city perfectly.  Tuck works amid those buildings and most days he rides his push bike from home.  The uphill return is hard work but offers terrific exercise!  I, on the other hand, rarely leave my five kilometre comfort zone.  I know, I lead a sheltered life, but if it an't broke, why fix it?  Apart from the odd occasion where the kids and I pick Tuck up from work, I am actually yet to visit the city since our return to South Australia three and a half years ago!



The next photo brings us to the top of the ridge before the downhill return.  This hike was a three hour round trip and although Tuck and I are seasoned trekkers, those little legs below put in a sterling effort.



And just because you know how I love my furry creatures, I had to include these three friends.  Can you believe we spotted no less than eleven of them!?!  It's hard to pick a favourite... there's Mr. Cool who was sighted first, then Mumma and her child were as sweet as sweet, and not far from them was Mr. Hungover who looked to be recovering from a very big night.  Who's your favourite?