Hit the skids

Bringing a touch of sweetness for you and me.   The illustrations of  Joan Walsh Anglund  delight me every time.  Click through to go to her site.  No affiliation and the image does not belong to me, it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Bringing a touch of sweetness for you and me.   The illustrations of Joan Walsh Anglund delight me every time.  Click through to go to her site.  No affiliation and the image does not belong to me, it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


OK, maybe it wasn't quite as bad as that (hit the skids, that is), but it sure didn't feel very pleasant.  You see friends, I felt it creeping in and I tried so hard to shift it by reminding myself (and all of you) about the power of our thoughts and how much goodness there is that surrounds me, but you know what?  There have been a few days in this week just past where I kinda lost my joy.  The week started out tough and looong and try as I did to handle it graciously, I didn't succeed all that well.  My state was fatigue induced and, of course, that feeling of overwhelm was all of my own doing.  It was all my own responsibility for creating a completely unrealistic "To Do" list, mixed with pressing deadlines and a host of external commitments, plus recovery from that tummy bug I skated over in my last post.  I was tired, stretched and stressed.  In fact, I may have even stomped my foot at one stage during a private one way muttering session between me and that pile of clean laundry upturned and spread over every square inch of mine and Tuck's bedroom floor.  In a place of better humor I actually laughed at that sight last night as I navigated my way to turn on the bedside light.  It looks very like how my bedroom floor appeared as an early teen, only this time there is a mix of linen, men's clothes, women's clothes and kids clothes.  And let's not overlook the blankets from our camping trip that are now clean but still not put away and currently exist in crumpled heaps amongst those other items.  I tell you, it's quite a feat getting from one side of our bedroom to the other at the moment. 

Come to think of it, it's a feat getting from any room in our house to another at the moment.  Do you remember those in-laws of mine who are scaling down and moving to a smaller, more manageable home?  Well, we are so blessed and incredibly fortunate.  It's not just that beautiful cabinet we have received, but there have been so many other fabulous goodies gifted too.  Those woodworking lessons of recent times have been inspired by a collection of power tools, a workbench and all sorts of other "new to us" hardware.  Plus there's been towels, sheets, table cloths (including an intricate crochet lace table cloth painstakingly worked upon by Tuck's Great-Grandmother - you guys can imagine how much I'm swooning over that one).  I'm telling you, So. Many. Gifts. and I know beyond a shadow of doubt, how lucky we are!

With all these wonders coming into our home plus our collection of camping gear dumped around the place awaiting a moment to be properly dealt with, we have a home that has not seen a vacuum or anything else 'clean' in far too long.  Added to this chaos was those deadlines, an overfilled schedule and too many things to remember leading up to the end of school year and I'll admit, this week got to me and rocked my equilibrium. 

Slowly though, having met the first of those deadlines and done a little sorting so that the piles are getting smaller, my head space is becoming clearer.  Like I said earlier, this frayed, hurried and overwhelmed feeling is all of my own doing.  I forgot that golden rule until I snapped out of my bla and remembered the power and tools to regain my centre are right there within me.  Last Thursday with my two babes at school and pre-kindy and a husband at work, Snowy (the puppy) and I hit the beach straight after our farewell kisses and cuddles.  A jolly good walk and a good dose of Earthing was what was needed.  I battled with myself over it (crazy huh?), there was that taunting thought which kept trying to tell me I didn't have the time, my deadlines were too pressing and I 'should' go straight home and get to work.  I'm glad I listened to my better self and I'm glad I followed it up yesterday with a yoga class (thanks to Tuck and a well timed RDO) because today, today I got my joy back and I've been feeling ready,  much more ready, to embrace this season of jolliness.  It is my favourite after-all, with summer, Christmas, the holidays and my Birthday soon into the New Year.  What's not to love? 

Happy shift of seasons, friends.


Ps/ Quoting from my girl after discussing with her today about my need to write thoughts down...

"Yeah Mumma, I get sick too when I've got too much stuff in my head".

She gets me that girl, she just totally understands and it makes my heart swell.