How About Next Week?


I was really hoping to have the tank page ready to offer this week but alas, it an't going to happen as that thing called Life has got in the way.  I'll finish getting those photos uploaded by next week but in the mean time, I'm just going to present to you a selection of what was on my memory card from the past few days.  It's the wintery outdoors and the warm cosy indoors.  Plus maybe a little madness as the kids and I slowly go stir-crazy sheltered away from the cold rain.  I'll gladly take that rain however, as I can now declare that those tanks of ours are plumbed and we are officially harvesting the water... happy dance!!!

So here we have it, a few bits and pieces from around these parts...

Nature Table.jpg
Katie Daisy.jpg

I've given my old dSLR (the Nikon) to the kids to use.  I can't sell it as too many of the inner settings are no longer responding and the playback is... well... stuffed!  Not to mention it is very old in terms of camera technology but it still takes a picture.  I figure it makes for a terrific tool to introduce the kids to the 'feel' of a dSLR camera and I do love to see the world with their eye behind the lens.  Plus, it won't be catastrophic if it gets accidentally dropped, but shh, they don't know that ;)

Budding Photographer.jpg

It's blurry but I love it!  It's the craziness of siblings captured in one image.  If only that image had sound and you would hear the absolute pure belly giggle of those two while they attempt to squash each other!

See you back here next week with all the excitement of our water tanks.  Have a great week friends and wishing all those in the U.S. a fire-cracking 4th of July xo

Monkey Madness.jpg