I need a pig



It was going to be a fairly typical weekday.  Something along the lines of taking Evie to and from school, a little pantry restock and maybe a trip to the library in amongst chores and four year old lovin'.  Nothing was essential and nothing was locked in, I like those days.  Then Evie woke up not quite refreshed from her night of sleep and we decided that a day off from school was needed.  Just because... well, just because this girl of ours is an amazingly diligent student who works incredibly hard and the nature of our parenting keeps us open to her having rest days when she needs them.  Or a 'family day' when we are all in need, for that matter.  And so, the day began to be tweaked and as the early morning unfolded, heading out anywhere at all became less and less likely.  I checked our supplies and once I figured out what dinner was to be, we happily settled in and the kids declared it to be Jammie Day where they stay in their pajamas all day.

My thoughts of the garden and this ever increasing spring sunshine have me drawn outside more and more, and this morning I found myself finally retrieving my seed stash from the cellar.  It began innocently enough.  I was really only wanting to remember what I had.  Soon I was making mental notes on what I needed and a plan as to what we could plant and where. 



Does it look a bit organised in that photo above?  It would be if it was a month ago!  That garden out there is speeding into spring without a backward glance and I'm scrambling to play catch-up.  I do feel a tinsy bit relieved that a while ago we made the decision to wait just one more year before doing our first full plant out.  Our front garden is a mass of heavy clay soil and we are concentrating our efforts on breaking up the clay and building up the beds.  They are not yet ready to grow anything since we have only just finished designing and defining the layout of them and shoveling out the first mounds of mushroom compost.  There will be much more on that in another post coming soon.  (here's that other post)

In the mean time, I simply just can't help myself.  I have to plant something but I need to keep it really simple.  My gardening efforts over the coming months will be spent nurturing that front area and installing an extensive drip line watering system.  No small job if you've ever done it before!  This will be my third drip system and my fingers and thumbs are already aching from the memory of the last two.  Sadly I'm even ruling out tomatoes this year and maybe even cucumbers.  We need a couple of summer essentials that can practically take care of themselves and I also need to use up some seeds.  I'm bypassing starting any seeds undercover this season (this is what I should have done a month ago) and taking a far more carefree approach with some direct sowing plus there will be some potluck scattering going on.  I'll keep you updated on that once the moon aligns to the next leafy greens sowing days and then the fruiting days that follow soon after.  As much as possible I following the cycles of the moon with my planting using this fabulous Southern Hemisphere poster guide.  There are many, many benefits to planning your gardening around this cycle including stronger, healthier plants, disease and pest tolerance and greater yields.  Plus it's a very groovy looking poster packed with so much other useful information, how could one resist it?



So there I was plotting and planning when all of a sudden I found myself collecting the necessary tools from the shed and heading out the back with two babes in tow (a Jammie Day in the garden?  Oh yes, absolutely). 

We began digging up a long neglected garden bed.  I've had plans for this little area since we first moved in and put the chooks out there.  A perfect clucker tucker zone with a frame work already in place to grow something climbing and I have some luffa seeds getting close to their 'sow by' date and they will be perfect for doing that climbing.



With barrels of enthusiasm the three of us got stuck into it and some time later with a growing pile of bricks from a buried and forgotten garden border, I was longing for pigs.  Those clever creatures do this kind of work in a days play, but we do not have a pig and, despite moments of thought in that direction over the past 18 months, we are not going to get a pig.  So that leaves one thing for it.  Slowly and steadily over the course of this week, I will chip away at this patch of earth and as the moon calendar turns to sowing time late next week, I will be ready.  Oh what a joy that time will be.



Just a side note, it seems our 'grey frozen screen fun' with the comments area is deemed to continue a wee bit longer.  There's been no word from the techies as to it being fixed but I live in hope.  Have faith, my friends, surely they have to have it fixed soon.  Oh and one other thing, to date, I haven't partnered up with any businesses so those links are not affiliated.  I will most certainly let you know if and when that ever happens.