In all it's glory



I was going to save showing this off until I had finished my seasonal 'pictography' but it's just so beautiful, I can no longer refrain.  We call our Apple Blossom our 'feature' tree and when we eventually sell this place (once we're old and grey and provided neither one of the kids wishes to step in after us) it will be a photo of this tree that heads the real estate brochure. 

I wonder if I can call this little project I have up my sleeve a 'pictography'?  Perhaps a 'pictorial' would be more accurate.  I have never experienced a tree quite like this one.  It expresses each of our four seasons so fully that if you had no other sense but sight, you would know which season we were enjoying just by looking at it.

By next autumn I will have completed my project and then I will show you what I mean.  I guess it's not really a 'pictography' in the formal understanding of the word, but I'm using it as the best way to describe a twelve month photographic biography of this Apple Blossom.  Can I do that?  I wonder what else I could call this nature project of mine because it is more than a pictorial and different from an actual pictograph?



While I ponder that (and by all means, please let me know of your thoughts as well), let me assure you that it's perfume matches what you see as does the buzz from the hundreds of happy bees.  Do you see that bee there?  Oh that little worker makes me laugh.  She reminds me of a child who's entire head is inside the mixing bowl licking the remains of cake mixture.  She's making sure she gets every last bit of that delicious goodness.

Since our first season here this tree has been declared The Fairy Tree by the kids and we are sure there is a hidden door at the base with all kinds of folk living among it's roots and branches.

Wishing you a glorious weekend, friends.