Introducing "Harvesting the Heavens"


Good golly I'm excited to be announcing this today!  It has been such a long time in coming, but finally here we are.  Here I am, a happy little home-owner, sharing the news that as of the last week in June (nearly three months ago! Really?), we are now officially harvesting rainwater.  Woot woot!! 

To top this off, South Australia - 'the driest state in the driest inhabited continent on Earth' - has just had one of the wettest Winters on record!  And then match that with the craziest of early Spring downpours where last week, over a twenty-four hour period, we received more than 100mm of rain!!!  That's nearly the average for a whole month during the depths of a wet wet Winter and this was just one day, and a Spring day at that!  There was flooding everywhere, including our cellar... eeek!  With my gumboots on, I waded down into that cellar to investigate only to learn that the water was not coming in through a leak in the walls or the ventilation grid, but it was ground water.  The earth was so saturated the rain could no longer penetrate and soak into the ground and so above the surface it sat until over the following few days it drained away.  I need to do a little clean up down there and hopefully a few heatwaves over the Summer and maybe a fan to circulate the air should dry it out again.  I'm also thinking some hessian bags filled with peat could soak up some wetness and then I can use it in the garden afterwards.  Although if I'm honest, it's the original cellar for this 136 year old home and so that typical damp mustiness is just part of the territory. 


The reason for all this rain talk is that in the two and a half months since those rainwater tanks of ours were installed and officially plumbed, they are now at CAPACITY!  Unbelievable!!  They were each sitting at about half full at the end of last month (end of Winter) and with that rain last week I witnessed the overflow pipe running!  Apparently there is more rain coming over the next couple of weeks so I'll have to attached some flexible temporary piping to channel anymore overflow to where I need it most but right now, there really is nowhere that actually needs it.  That's quite a rare thing to be able to say and I am thrilled that this dry dry corner of the world is entering into our warmest and most searing months with full reservoirs, hydrated earth and for us in our own backyard, two 10,000 litres of rainwater with which we can nourish our garden over the Summer.  Thank you Mother Nature, I am ever so grateful!

So finally, without any further adieu, I bring you the newest page under the Creating heading...

Harvesting the Heavens

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