Joy in the pull-back



Oh, how I love a good dose of burrowing!  Pulling back and creeping under my rock restores my faith like nothing else.  It turned out that I wasn't the only one in my little tribe that needed to pull back for a bit and perhaps I shouldn't gloat since I risk sounding like an awful mother but, my girl has been sick.  A trip to the doctor kind of sick which means something a little bit big for us.  She's had a virus and is now back to her full health but during that time of 'unwellness' we didn't go to school and leaving the house was kept to a minimum.  Noah remained as fit as a fiddle and was keen to attend his two days of kindy last week which gave Evie and myself a chance for girl-time.  Long overdue girl-time and what a joy it was to have that kid around!  For some reason being at home, just her and me, gave a different perspective.  A whole new insight if you will, on who this seven year old has become and is becoming.

With just the two of us at home I'd forgotten how similar we are in many ways, but especially with our preference for the 'quiet' and I'd forgotten how delightful it is to hang out with her on our own.  We get along, her and I, like good solid girlfriends.  It feels very special and I hope more than anything that as we edge closer to the tween and teen years that that bond between us sticks fast. 

I'm lucky, both my kids are pretty unreal peeps and every day I seem to be struck by not only their similarities, but the differences between their personalities and needs.  Of course their ages mean different skill levels and their genders tend to direct some of their interest away from each other, but in spending time with Evie I came to some realisations about my boy too.  Mainly, he's a boy.  Oh stop it, stay with me, I'm going somewhere with this.

It really dawned on me how frustrated I think he may be getting, although he's too young to have the words for describing that feeling.  Ever so slightly, on a very subtle level, Noah and I have been clashing of late and even though he’s a kind, loving and deeply sensitive boy who adores his craft and all the many pass times I offer, I am now glaringly aware of how much I have underestimated his need for a male playmate.  He LOVES his days at kindy and he thrives amid his group of lads there.  He is already on a count down for his coming school days next year but I now know I need to provide something more for him.  Noah needs guy time.  He needs to do more guy things.  I'm not one to favor gender specific pass times but the general day to day stuff that I spoke about in that last blog post has been pulling me away from connecting with Noah in these ways.  Even without those daily time-suckers, no matter how committed I become to this cause, I would still be lacking the necessary ingredient.  I am an adult female, my approach to our shared activities will always be different from that of an adult male.  My light-bulb moment came a few days back when I saw how much pleasure he was getting out of helping me stack some firewood and chop up some kindling.  He was so enthusiastic and so in his element I swear he was glowing!  Soon I will figure out a long term solution for this, but for right now I need to do more of the fun things that Tuck used to do with him.  We'll kick the footy, go bowling, in a few months I am intending to get that mountain bike I have been longing for so we can hit some of the local trails.  Tuck and Noah sped those trails regularly with Noah in the Weerider on Tuck's bike.  Often, he now shares memories of those adventures (or "Quests" as they were called back then).  There will be more things too as time moves forward.  We have adult male mates (and family) around us who are very happy to step in for a morning of guy time.  Connections with adult males (trusted friends obviously) is what he needs.  That interaction and learning base.  That role model.  Naively, I didn't expect to have to address this issue for a few years yet, but this is the clarity that comes when I pull-back.  Ah, so much goodness comes from a few days down the burrow.

So, apart from insights, ya wanna know what else we've been doing lately?


One of our sleeping dwarf Stella cherry trees finally got transplanted into it's new barrel.


Who could resist taking a photo of that face?  Snowy soaked up some Vitamin D from the sun with the rest of us.


I've been longing to make a batch of this stuff for so long.  Handcream for hard working hands by Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead.  I added a few drops of lavender to mine and next time around I might even go a few extra drops of all three essential oils.  The recipe gives a very subtle fragrance and I find it so lovely that I wouldn't mind the blend being a bit more stated.  Not so strong that it becomes in-your-face overpowering, mind you.  Also, it was so quick and easy to mix together that I'm thinking I might give pretty jars of it for "teacher presents" this year.  I know, have I scared you with talking Christmas gift giving already?  I do like to be an organised lady, you know. 

That link above will take you to Jill's method and lots of valuable info on the ingredients.


Modelling with this beeswax.  I love this stuff!  Correction... we love this stuff!!  Sarah from Moon Child offers a great beginners video and although her shop is divine, she is U.S. based so I buy ours from more local Waldorf suppliers.  For anyone over my way, if you are interested in grabbing yourself some then let me know and I can direct you to the local suppliers.


Who can resist a bounce?


It wasn't raining outside, but that's no reason to resist an indoor cubby.


A rummage through the Dad Jar.  Yep, it's still going although things are getting a bit squishy in there!


And finally... a month later our seasons (nature) table got redone.  Autumn was getting kinda old.  I have dreams to one day needle felt some little figurines for each season and a Mother Nature doll, oh and wouldn't a nativity scene for Christmas be gorgeous?  I swooned over those things on Etsy, just put any of them into the search bar with the word "felt" and get ready to drawl.

Plus there was a trip to this market but my camera battery ran out of charge (mmm, funny about that) so I couldn't bring you along.  There will be a next time, though.

Well my goodness, there's a whole lot of links in this post today but why not share the love around.  The paper plane at the top comes from this book and if you are like me in being rather challenged with making effective paper planes (or anything that actually stays airborne for longer than one second), then I can highly recommend it.  These planes are offering us a whole lot of fun.  It's available from all the usual online book sellers and most likely many mainstream book stores as well.

These things friends, these are the things that "fuel" me.  Happy week ahead!