I've somewhat pulled another disappearing act on you, only this time it wasn't because I was swallowed up in anger or the fatigue and very unattractive pity party that, that anger stage gave way to.  Well maybe it was a little because I did promise to get in there and become darn right messy with all this stuff, but mostly this latest absence has been due to the three of us being away.  Do you remember the family beach house I've spoken about before?  With my mum coming along too (who happens to be the owner of said beach house) and with Snowy in tow, we skipped outta town for a long weekend and it was totally lovely!

Despite the high possibility that you are a little bored with seeing beach photographs from me by now, I'm going to throw one last lot in here for good measure.  So please can you humour me just for a smidge bit longer?  Let's blame it on genetics (since I stem from a very long line of beach-lovin' folks) and with these first few days of autumn bringing the change of seasons fast upon us, it seems summer is slipping on by so we had to make the most of our frollicking fun.  Weather-wise the days were perfect, not too hot but not too cold... just right.  The water, however, was far to cold for this mumma but in true kid style those two pictured below made the most of every minute.



So too did the furry kid.  Would you look at the grin on that mangy mutt!



While Snowy and I enjoyed a long luxurious walk along the beach, Granny, Evie and Noah went all out with constructing a kingdom and playing in the dunes.



Those days were good for all of us.  And now I promise to lay off the beach snap-shot fun until... ha, next time... ?