Lots and lots of making



My fingers have been twitching lately.  I have an irrisistable urge to 'create' and this urge has got my entire Being involved.

So I have decided that there is only one thing to do about that.  It's time to get making and I intend to be making a lot!  I found myself at the yarn shop on Friday and walked in with the full intention of not walking out empty handed.  At one point I had three patterns in my hand and almost began seeking yarn for each one until I got realistic about my current skill level, the quantity of stashed yarn already at home, and the expense involved with purchasing yarn for three big projects...errhum.

Reality check in hand, I came away with the Silvia Pullover pattern by Filatura Di Crosa and seven 50gm balls of 4ply (Fingering) weight Portofino yarn in Wheat.  Plus two hanks of the completely divine Amuri spun from 75% New Zealand Merino and 25% Possum in 8ply.  I think a beanie or cowl could be just right for that.  The Silvia Pullover and the Portofino yarn are going to be completely new ground for me.  Not only have I never knit a garment like this for myself before but I have also never previously knit with cotton.  Well it's a cotton/viscose blend and even though I am a self-confessed, natural fibres only, yarn snob, I have comfortably settled with this yarn simply because it was that colour of the knitted example on the brochure that lured me in.  I know, I fell hook, line and sinker for their marketing ploy but, you know... whatever... it's a great colour, a great design and the pattern reads simply enough that even I feel comfortable with it's undertaking.  



Before I get too far ahead, let me explain why I am so excited about these projects.  The majority of my past crafting endeavours and especially all knitted ones have been as gifts or for our home.  I love that and to date, it has suited me just fine, but right now I want to knit and sew something else.  And I want that something else to be for me.  Something for me to wear!  'Tis new ground my friends, new ground.  And I'm feeling really good about it!

The pattern didn't specify a particular casting-on method so I chose to use the long-tail.  I became a big fan of this technique when it was introduced to me during the making of that slouchy hat late last year.  It's quick, super easy (thanks to this You Tube video) and makes for such a neat edge.

With the 'Silvia' now underway, I'm wishing to ask for a little of your help with another project I'm itching to get going with...



Inspired by Felicia's series of I Made This and Stash Less, I have been looking through my stocks and found an apron I thrifted long ago with the intention of upcycling it into a skirt.  Back then, whenever it was, I put an order through for two metres (a little more than two yards) of un-dyed organic hemp fabric that I was either going to use with the apron or make a pair of drawstring yoga pants.  Other tasks interrupted and the project got put aside and somewhat buried.  If you have a read of Felicia's Stash Less series you'll know I'm not alone in this habit.

I have now unearthed those two pieces and have been down the rabbit hole on Pinterest looking for ideas or better yet, a pattern, but have re-emerged uncommitted.  I'm thinking possibly a panel skirt with large, deep contrasting pockets.  You know, the good, handy yet funky pockets that all us homesteading folk love to make use of.  I like below the knee, near to mid calf skirts and don't mind a wrap-around.  My sewing skills favour a near beginner level but I wouldn't mind the chance to extend myself, but only a gentle extension at this stage.  Buttons and button holes I am completely ok with but zips intimidate me.  Maybe the chance to gain comfortable ground there could be do-able but only with accompanying instructions and only if those instructions are very straight forward.  I want an easy project... enough with the challenges for now... and it would be rather lovely if I could get some quick gratification out of it.  You know, maybe prep everything the evening before and then stitch it altogether the next day while Evie's at school and Noah's at kindy.  And then... wear it the day after!  Now that sounds like a perfectly satisfying project and an ideal dose of therapeutic making.  Also, I'm not yet convinced that the natural hue of the hemp and the base colour of the apron are working together.  The green tinge to the apron seems a little off against the creamy hemp.  What do you think?  Mmmm, it's a bit hard to tell in that image below but the above one shows it a little more.



Have you got any ideas?  Maybe a link to share?  I really can't be bothered with any more searching but I feel like I want a picture or pattern to guide me.  There's a few skirts in my wardrobe that I can base my shape around, but I would love any further inspiration and I don't mind making two separate projects out of these stashed pieces because I'm starting to lean towards finding some mustard coloured fabric for the skirt that would highlight those great flowers on the apron.  What is it with me and that colour lately!?!  Anyone a colour therapist?  I wonder what would happen if I plunged a metre of the hemp fabric into a turmeric dye bath?  Yikes, now I'm getting fancy... note to self... simple Xan, keep it simple.

Thanks friends!