Love Cloth


I'm calling it a Love Cloth because that's what it is.  One day, just a few moons ago, a secret email arrived in my inbox.  I do not know the sender but I will be meeting her at the end of next week.  We are the mutual friends of two people who are so very dear to me and those two people, although long-time partners, are getting married.  Very soon, the three of us are jumping on a plane for 3 weeks on the Sunny Coast, where we will be joining with our friends to celebrate their Love in ceremony and dancing.  I . Can't . Wait !!!


With this email came a request, or more an invitation to contribute, but at the risk of spoiling the surprise for my beloved friends (who do from time to time check-in on this here blog), I will keep vague on the details.  There was never a doubt as to whether I would contribute, it was more a question over how?

I began with some words, and then a poem formed but it felt too sterile to just email that back and be done with it.  No, I was compelled to create something more and so, with no plan what-so-ever, I began.  That was it, I simply began.

I pulled out my box of scraps, searched through my stash and before too long, I had gathered a collection of natural fibres and textiles, bits and pieces I had longed to work with but hadn't yet done so.

So from a collection of thrifted doilies, silky merino tubing left over from this class, some undyed hemp purchased long ago for this project, a pure silk scrap left over from who-knows-what, naturally hand-dyed pieces sent to me by another dear friend from way across the oceans, and a mixture of natural threads purchased a while back from here.  Bit by bit, something began to take form.  It was a creative process of the truest expression, where nothing was copied and nothing was planned, I simply just kept adding and layering and best of all, playing!

Once I was satisfied with the layering and stitching, I decided (almost on a whim) that I would bundle it all up with some Eucalyptus and chuck it in the dye pot.  It was more out of curiosity than anything else.  And a desire to blend the layers. 

Time was running short!  I was late in getting my contribution off into the post otherwise, I would have loved nothing more than to stitch the words of my poem into the cloth.  As it was, I carefully marked them in with my art pen... and then, damn it, I made a mistake when doing so!  It was done and could not be undone, so I decided to embrace the joy of imperfection.  No one other than me would pick it, though let's have some fun and see if you can...

Threads are woven, cloth is formed
Patches are stitched, and layers borned
Together they grow, their love beyond
With dreams to cultivate and a future fond

You'll need to click on the image below to supersize and pick my mistake ;)

A special thank you to my two friends, India and Karen.  Both magically creative souls who each unknowingly provided so much inspiration for this project.