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Yesterday I promised to be back here today with some action shots from our most recent working bee.  They're going to come tomorrow instead because today I have to interrupt proceedings with the news that my copy of Mabel has finally arrived.  I say finally not because of any fault of Mabel's delightful Editors, Stef and Liz, but because when you're waiting so eagerly for something to arrive from 13, 000 kilometres away, the postal system seems to take an excruciatingly long time!  I really don't think that's any fault of the fabulous people who work so tirelessly for the U.S. or Australian postal services either, I believe it all comes back to me and my lack of patience when excited about something.

So on that note, I'd like to announce that Mabel Magazine's Issue #4, "What's Next" is officially circulating the globe and it's an absolutely beauty!  I was first introduced to Mabel through my friend, Laurie and became curious enough to order a copy of their first issue.  Well, once those pages were in my hands I immediately fell in love with all those things Mabel strive to be...


...a print magazine that is here to tell real stories about making a living and creating a life. At Mabel, we’ll be talking about the different ways we support ourselves in the world— stories from entrepreneurs, artists and small biz owners about how they’ve gotten where they are— it’s not always pretty, it’s not always tidy, but it’s always beautifully real.
Every endeavor and every life contains unexpected bends in the road that open up new perspectives, and beautiful moments that might have at first appeared ugly, as well as difficult moments, which taught us the best lessons we didn't know we needed to learn.  These are the moments we want to document in Mabel.


The very first time I connected with Liz Kalloch and Stefanie Renee, creators and Editors of Mabel, it was to pitch an idea I had for their third issue, "Money", late last year. They invited me to forward my piece for review and gave me the deadline of January 23rd this year (2015). That date may not seem significant and I guess that particular date is not, but there was a date less than 2 weeks before which was completely life changing. It was while I was working on my piece for the "Money" issue that Tuck was killed. In the days before my deadline I somehow pieced together an email addressed to Stef and Liz explaining that I was meeting my deadline with a 'working copy' that was 400 words past my limit! I could do no more work towards it at that time and I was very sorry to be initiating my working relationship with them in such a way.  Their response was perfect.  Their words were full of compassion, support, kindness, love and hope.  Just like the magazine they represent.

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Sometime later the theme for Issue 4 was released and once I knew they were exploring the concept "what's next" I understood it to be my second chance.  Every part of myself was calling for me to write about the beginning of my grieving story.

I've mentioned quite a few times this year about that learning thing and for a while I was going to write a post about it but it was so big and so constant that I really didn't know where to begin. But then I started writing my narrative prose for "what's next" and I realised I couldn't offer a detailed blog about that learning thing because too much of it was connected with this work I was writing for Mabel and those thoughts and words that I wanted to express needed to be given the chance to fly in more ways than a blog post.


Metamorphosis is a beginning.  My story isn't finished yet but this article describes how far I've come since that mid January evening.  I loved writing it and the act of that itself, has been a part of my healing journey.  It's a piece that is very dear to my heart and if you do have a read I'd love to hear your thoughts.  My writing "voice" is still developing and will always continue to evolve so I really do value your feedback.  Every issue of Mabel is bursting with content that is real and authentic, it's inspirational and personal. It's exactly as Liz and Stef describe and this forth issue is no exception.

So, if you would like to know more about this learning thing of mine you will just have to pick yourself up a copy of Mabel and read my essay "Metamorphosis" on page 58 and 59. The best way to get your hands on a copy is to order it direct through Mabel's website.

Thank you Liz, thank you Stef.  I am so honoured and proud to have my words appear in your magazine and deeply grateful to be present alongside your other talented contributors xo

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