Marbles, making & more

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Somewhere along the line I blinked and two weeks raced past.  Two weeks since I last sat down to enjoy this little blogging space here and do you know what...?  I'm not able to stop here for long today either, I was just wanting to say "Hi" because I was missing you.  I'm going to be back to share lots of juicy details very soon but before I do, I need to figure out which bit to begin on first because they can't possibly all go into the one blog post.  In the last two weeks there has been...

  • a working bee to transform our garden (another one)
  • a baby born (I have a gorgeous new nephew!)
  • Noah's final "transition" visit at school (school!!!  Can you believe it!?!  He is SO pumped)
  • some Christmas making (remember this 'teachers' gift idea)
  • a head cold (swept through and got all three of us)
  • two close on 40'C (104'F) days and one night where I nearly lit the fire (what the...?)
  • a very slow sewing project still sitting next to the machine but oh, so nearly finished!
  • dreams of more Christmas making
  • news that the delayed November released of Mabel holding some very special words of mine is at the printers and will be out in the world very soon.
  • One visit from the tooth fairy and another two wobblies (told you that boy was ready for school)
  • a full moon in Gemini that brought on the biggest release I've had in weeks (so much writing and so many tears - it was wonderful!)
  • and a whole bunch more to fill our days!

It's been a full couple of weeks my friends but filled with such love and so many blessings!  I shall return very soon and will share details on some of those things listed above.

Wishing all of you in the U.S. a happy Thanksgiving and Happy Days to all xo

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