Martha & me



Technically it is not just Martha Stewart who I'm getting familiar with but all manner of stationery brands available at my local supply store.  If it's fun, pretty and functional it's made the cut.  Within reason that is, for I only need a few basic essentials to undergo this overhaul and although it is most definitely a 'work in progress', I am a little excited over the headway I'm making.

Allow me to explain. 

When your spouse passes away, especially unexpectedly, amid all the other processes there are various practicalities that need attended to.  There's no need for me to go into details but you could probably guess that those practicalities involve what feels like a never ending paper trail.  The amount of documents required and paperwork being addressed has me shuddering.  And, not that I'm usually one to express myself in such ways but you would not be incorrect to assume I feel like muttering a steam of colourful words to describe this paper trail I am walking.  For all our sakes, I will shudder and breathe instead, and remind myself of the bright side.

The bright side is knowing that the worst of it is over and I am so, so lucky in that I have a sister who among her long list of credentials, is a wizz-bang financial adviser and devours legal documents for fun.  Me, on the other hand, well I take a good few hours to decode the language on one document let alone get through all the rest waiting on the pile.



Back to the matter at hand and it has become glaringly apparent to me how dysfunctional my personal filing system is (as you can see from these photos).  This is not entirely a revelation for despite our best intentions, neither Tuck nor I have ever invested the time to create an efficient and effective system.  Put bluntly, our paperwork management has been disgraceful.  Important issues have always been dealt with and necessary accounts paid on time, but the 'system' fell apart after this point where generally papers were then placed in the top drawer until that pile out grew the space and was then relocated and sandwiched in the file box.  That box is an actual file box and there are even the tabbed divider thingys in there, but they are not in use.  No sorting, categorizing or labels were ever up-to-date or in production so those file holder dividers were shoved to the back with the mix of invoices etc wedged in front.  At least they weren't getting crumpled.  You could almost excuse this lack of efficiency until it came time when you needed to retrieve something, whereupon you - or that would be me since Tuck would have long ago disowned any knowledge of the required document (smart man that he was) - so whereupon, I would sit there in the middle of the floor sifting through the papers until the 'one in reference' was located.



While on this paper-trail these past couple of months, I've been getting mighty personal with that draw and box and now, with the worst of the trail behind me, I am giving this 'system' an overhaul!  And I'm not limiting myself to just the files, my whole workstation is getting revamped because this corner of our lounge is normally a bit of a 'happy place' for me and lately it has been messin' with my mojo.

I have been work-shopping this idea for a little while and I've really been trying to nut out a method that would be efficient, effective and something that suits me and how I roll. 

And that my dear friends is where I'll leave you and say... To Be Continued!  Stay tuned for more next week when I will reveal all things neat and organised, but with a twist I know you're going to love.

Happy weekending folks.