More stories and a secret



My in-laws are moving house.  It is their time to downscale and enjoy a smaller home, easier garden and lesser possessions.  I've mentioned here how lucky we are to have acquired many of our furnishings through grandparents and parents, yesterday was no exception. 

Have you ever repeatedly paused to admire something in someone's home where you often visit?  Have you entertained those quiet thoughts within your own mind where you wonder about it's past and even it's present, never once really considering it's future?  I have, frequently.

Inside my in-law's home, a small cabinet with leadlight doors has always sat against the wall positioned at the bottom of the stairs.  I've noticed it many times over the years, wondered about it and maybe even stroked it's smooth surface.  Yesterday, quite by surprise, that cabinet was given to us.  It is beautiful and I already treasure it, I think my connection may have even began from when it sat at the bottom of the stairs.

This morning I finally learned of it's story and, my friends, my fondness has blossomed to have me falling head over heels in love.  You see, this cabinet was made by Great Grandpa Reimann, on my father in-law's side, who was already in his 80's when Tuck was a baby.  Great Grandpa Reimann was a leadlight craftsman and made this cabinet early on in his career somewhere around 1920.  A most wonderful discovery awaits anyone who is entrusted with the ownership of this piece.  There is a secret compartment!  And, no, my lips are sealed and I have pledged my oath, so I will never reveal the location of that compartment or the hidden latch mechanism which releases it, until such day comes where ownership moves forward a generation and either Evie or Noah become the new custodians. 



Along with the cabinet came a much needed wood box and an accompanying bellows.  Would you have a look at that bellows!  Oh goodness me, it's been hand painted.  These two items have been passed down through my mother in-law's family where a strong artist gene continues to flow.  I have to wait one more day for those stories, I am promised to be told them tomorrow.



Do tell me, what wonderful items have found their way through the generations and into your care?  Oh, if only our chatting area wasn't still offline!  Don't let that put you off sharing your stories with me, links to both email and twitter can be found at the top of the left column and at the bottom of the page.  When the 'comments' are up and running again, I will figure out a way to post all your wonderful stories back here in this space.

For now folks, I wish you a happy end to your week.