Moving, shifting, changing



It is happening everywhere.  All around me and within me.  Time is moving, the seasons are shifting and I am becoming an entirely new Me.  It is change and it is good and it feels right.

Change always carries a degree of discomfort, even nature squirms a little under the pressures.  From the autumn leaves, Apple Blossom, Cherry, Mulberry and Oak, to the whole tree, the trunk, the branches, the roots, even the shedding of bark.  Other plants too, the Earth beneath, the Sky above, and all of us Animals.  I'm not becoming an entirely new person, just like those other creations of Nature do not become entirely different.  Certainly there are some things about Me that will remain.  The good bits I hope.  The other bits, well despite the pain in letting go, the releasing of these things is necessary.  You cannot rebuild until you have cleared away the debris and I plan to rebuild myself exactly the way I wish I had been all along. 

There have been a few serendipitous messages landing into my inbox of late.  These messages have described this so well and have served me in such lovely ways.

This post by Liz Kalloch of Mabel Magazine - simple, brief, but for me, it carries a powerful impact.

This post by my delightful friend, Rita of She Wears Red Shoes - nature feels it too, we all feel it, we are one and the same.

And this post by another beautiful friend, Elizabeth of Squam - I closed my last post with a short word about my learning, or more so that there is much of it going on.  I am defining for myself where my greatest joys lie, that is part of the rebuilding and I will have so much more to say on this soon.  There is some very positive and worthwhile restructuring and outsourcing going on in my life and Elizabeth describes the importance of this so well (in my opinion).

Happy Friday my friends, it is a weekend of rest, of quiet, of craft and connection for the three of us ahead.  I'm smiling at the joy of that already!