My First Ever


It's so exciting to welcome you here.  I'm welcoming myself too.  Today marks the start of my blogging journey... I wonder where it will lead...  Oh the joy of losing sight of the shore and sailing into the unknown.

Just so you can catch up a bit, here is the story thus far of how I came to be in this space.

I can't wait to go adventuring with you, so please stick around and visit often.  I will be posting regularly and will mostly share the delightful hops we take while we embrace the good life as 'urban homesteaders'.  There will be plenty of the things I enjoy; family, mothering, homesteading on a suburban scale, nurturing, feeding, planting, growing, harvesting, DIY, crafting, vintage, nature, photography, and op-shopping (that's the same as thrifting for any of you readers outside of Australia).  Every day adventures with a few farther afield thrown in for fun.

Stay tuned and thank you for coming.  It's a joy to have you here.