Noosa 2016 - A Day Trip Into The Mountains

Weathered and Rusty.jpg

When we set out from Noosa for our drive up into the mountains, I had envisioned loads of gorgeous photographs showcasing the scenic shots and all the beauty that area has to offer.  Well, there were two crucial details I had overlooked... 1) I was the driver and 2) the road leading up the mountain is narrow and winding, making it completely unsafe to pull over, let alone hop out and take photographs.  That being said I still did get a few snaps in.


We had a rough plan for the drive, knowing we were heading to the towns of Mapleton, Montville and Maleny all dotted along about a twenty kilometre stretch of the Blackall Range.  Describing it as picturesque doesn't come close to justice, nor do any photographs, and if ever we really were to resettle up that way again then I would seriously be searching the real estate pages of this area!  And just in case you are completely unfamiliar with this part of the world, I've included the map above (I love my maps!).  You can see Noosa Heads at the top by the coast and the red pin-drop (no chance of missing that) is the town of Montville.  This town sits smack-bang between Mapleton and Maleny, and just for a little perspective, the tiny green M1 box you can see?  That's roughly where Yandina is and the home for yesterday's markets.  Kondalilla National Park (see below) is that small darker green patch of terrain right by the pin-drop.  Head south off the map and you get to Brisbane and further south to the other eastern states of Australia.  Then hook around the bottom towards The Bight and you hit my hometown of Adelaide :)

Now, back to our day trip...

Roadside Stall.jpg

After a drive through the towns of Mapleton, Montville and Maleny, we settled on Montville for lunch followed by a browse through the local shops.  The whole time I had my camera with me but hardly took a shot.  We did take a few great family photos over lunch but as you might have noticed, I have a young lady in my life who prefers not to be featured too often on this here blog anymore.  She's getting older and together we are treading new ground and becoming more mindful of her exposure across World Wide Web.  It won't be long before her brother follows suit and all you and I will be left with in this space shall be scenics, close-ups and back views ;)  That's okay, I'll make sure it's still fun and pretty!


After lunch and our browse it was off for a walk through one of the many National Parks dotted around this part of the mountain range.  There are some gorgeous waterfalls to be seen through here but given the shade and my lack of tripod, the photos just didn't work out and I have issues with using the flash - I just don't like the way it strips an image.  I really do need to get myself some proper photographic training so that I can understand the best settings to deal with that... uhhh one day!

Through the Forest.jpg
Tall Trees.jpg
On The Path.jpg
Trail Map.jpg

I think someone else might have inherited my love for maps ;)

Another of my many loves is birds.  Birds of all kinds, every single one, even those predatory or aggressive but my absolute favourite is the Kookaburra.  I could sit and watch them for hours.  I know the Owl is considered to be the wisest and they most certainly are, but the Kookaburra sure an't no dummy!  There's wisdom within those eyes to be sure.

Only one more post to go in this year's Noosa series and it's going to be rather spectacular.  See you back here, same bat time, same bat channel, tomorrow night ;)