Noosa 2016 - Beach Days

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Visiting this part of the world will always be an annual holiday for us.  It was that way for me as a child and my memories of those times are beautifully rich and joyous.  I hope that my kids will also celebrate this tradition and from the way they talk already, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if that were so.  Such a large piece of my heart will forever belong to the Sunshine Coast as it was not just my childhood holidays that were spent here but the first years of mine and Tuck's marriage and it is the birthplace of our children.  Read that full story here

After our trip last year, I declared that this time I would show you the towns up in the mountains and together we'd trawl through the many markets.  Well... promises, promises hummm?  As the days unfolded and we steeped ourselves more and more into the gentle pace, many of those ideas got thrown out the window and instead over the course of this week I'm going to show you a selection of what our days did hold.  For now, it's all about our many frolics at the beach, but tomorrow we'll take a stroll down Noosa Heads' main drag while stopping in at a few of the yummy places we dined.  After that we shall see but there's definitely LOTS to show you from the Yandina Markets, plus a few sights from some of our day trips and... well... maybe a handful of snaps from our lazy days lolling around the beach house. 

So get ready for a week full of pictures because there are many installments coming your way.

Boy Becoming.jpg

This photo!  I very nearly didn't include it but my gosh, it is this photo that took my breath away.  Right there captured 'in time' I can see the man that young boy of mine will one day become.  It's a total bittersweet moment and it wasn't until I saw this photo that it dawned upon me that, that kid really is growing up.  Look at that foot and his knee, his bones and muscular structure... oh golly you guys, no matter how many times I stare at it, it always brings a lump into my throat.  Do you ever have moments like these when looking at your kids or photos of them?

Little Cove.jpg

Beach knitting!  You betcha!!!  The Milo Vest was my main craft activity while away.  I had to rip it back at one point and was mighty grateful for that purple life-line you can see there as it sure makes ripping back a much less harrowing affair.  But now I'm quite at home with the cable pattern and am happily progressing well.  I'll bring you the whole story once it's finished ;)

Same Same.jpg

And then there's this shot.  My two kids are so very different from each other but for the most part they play together beautifully.  They bicker like your usual siblings but more often than not, they really truly enjoy each others company.  Lucky thing really, since they're kinda stuck with each other haha.  I had another moment of pause with this photo because despite their very different personalities, so much about their mannerisms are identical.  Just look at how they're walking!?!!  Same same, their feet, their bent knee, their arms, their hands, their heads both tilting down slightly.  You see, it's moments captured like this that feed my love for photography, and my kids of course!

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