Noosa 2016 - Let's Take A Stroll and Grab A Bite

Hasting Street.jpg

Today we're taking a stroll down Hastings Street and stopping in for a few yummy treats at a couple of the eateries.  Welcome to the ritzy main drag of Noosa Heads...

Hastings Street2.jpg

Um, so can you just ignore my shoddy photo editing on the license plate there?  This was someone's mega cool but very registered Holden so I didn't think it would be that kosher of me to splatter their details all over the internet.

Wine Bar.jpg
10 Hastings St.jpg
Coconut Calamari.jpg
Todays Specials.jpg

That meal of Crispy Coconut Calamari served with Asian slaw, pineapple & mint salsa, chilli caramel & lime Aioli was SO incredible that it became Instagram worthy ha!  Seriously though, how could you not love something that is presented with such beautiful pansies?

Betty's Burgers.jpg
Betty's Burgers 2.jpg

I spent three weeks promising the kids we would dine in at Betty Burger's on our last night and, well, when you make a promise to your child, you'd best be keeping that promise ;)  And so it was that we ate burgers, fries and cups of Concrete (their own homemade signature vanilla frozen custard), all washed down with our drink of choice.  That was a ginger beer for me (of the adult variety) and a lemonade for the kids.  It's about twice a year that my kids have a soft drink and any occasion that permits one instantly makes it into their own personal Hall of Fame!  There's not one thing I'd change about Betty's Burgers.  They're casual - you honestly could walk in there sandy and barefoot from the beach - they're easy, friendly, yummy and their decor is awesome!

Tomorrow we're taking a wander around the Yandina Market!  Take it from me, you won't want to miss that ;)

Concrete Icecream.jpg