Noosa 2016 - Yandina Markets


Admittedly there are still thousands of markets that I am yet to experience, but these markets, oh these markets, they truly are my all-time favourite!  Yandina is a small hinterland town located about a half an hour drive south west of Noosa Heads.  When we lived locally we were about a fifteen minute drive north from Yandina and a visit to these markets were our Saturday morning thing.  They are weekly and, like most markets, they kick off early.  There is not much you can't source here with produce, plants, breads, olives, vintage, bric-a-brac and secondhand tools being just the beginning.  There is even live music and a sausage sizzle to raise funds for the local cricket club. 


There really is something for everyone and we spent a perfectly beautiful sunny morning dawdling up and down each aisle, stopping, chatting, admiring, wondering and exploring the curiosities.  And...


...what does a Mother do while her kids are sifting through several boxes of recycled toys for a really long time?  Why, chat with the poo man, of course!  His stall was right next door and I found myself thoroughly entertained by his abundant signage and so ensued a lovely chat with him and his wife about all manner of things that life has to offer.  Mostly about the Sunshine Coast and how good it is to live there - yep I'll never dismiss the idea to move back ;) - but also there was talk about family and even a few random words shared about Darwin (as in the capital city of the Northern Territory).  You know, as you do...? Ha!  I'm not one to shy away from a chat, having once been described as someone who could "talk their way through a brick wall"...I'm not sure if that was a compliment at the time or meant as an insult?  I was only twenty and it was certainly not said unkindly but even so, I'd like to think my conversation has developed a greater depth and interest over the years since.  I've definitely racked up some life experience and skills over those twenty years.

Poo Sign.jpg

Anyhoo, the poo man and his wife were delightful to chat with and my kids finally found a couple of hideous palm-sized toys on which to spend their pocket money.  I have a personal rule in my private code of ethics that if they have done the work to earn themselves their pocket money then they can spend it on whatever they like.  If it's my money however, well then it comes with conditions and limitations... ie. preferably no crappy landfill toys, although second hand ones are a big step away from buying new.  My kids do so well with saving their pennies up for something super special too so I have no hesitation when it comes to occasions like this.

The Food Gypsy.jpg

Despite the array of stalls, the market is not overwhelming and still holds the delightfully intimate and friendly atmosphere of a country market.  In hindsight it's probably just as well we are not local anymore as the only thing stopping me from buying up cart loads of plants was the fact that there was no way I'd be able to get them home.  I would have totally overlooked the obvious fact that the Adelaide Hills are a completely different climate zone, just for the sheer joy of all that prettiness.  Oh and there is that small matter of South Australian quarantine laws... yeah, that too.


Tomorrow we're taking a day trip!  And then there will be a Friday finale to close out the week and our 2016 Noosa holiday.  Can you stand two more days of it, or have you had enough already? ;)

Happy Hump Day friends xo

Suger Cane.jpg