Noosa - food and fashion



We begin at the top with Hastings Street, the main drag of Noosa Heads.  Traffic is allowed but only at a snails pace as it is very much a "shared zone" between pedestrians and vehicles.  Lining the street is an eclectic mix of all types of fashion, gifts and homewares, cafes, burger bars, gourmet pizza and fine dining restaurants.  Interspersed among these are various accommodation options all boasting a prime location.  On the other side of those shops to my right, Main Beach runs parallel, and around the corner behind me, is the Surf Hire which sits in front of the YHA flashpackers.  After dark the street becomes a magical wonderland with fairy lights gracing the trees all the way down.  The glee on my kids faces when they saw those lights made the late night worth every one of those twinkles.

It is very inadequate to talk about Noosa's food without focusing on the many markets around, so with that in mind, there are parts of this post that are a little lacking.  I'm a bit ashamed to admit that we did not make it to one single market throughout our holiday.  I don't know how that happened really - we love markets, all three of us - but for one reason or another the days just disappeared and suddenly we were heading back to Brisbane for our homeward flight.  Next time friends, I'll save those many markets for next time, and then follow up with a big share-all here. 

This time around, it was all about watermelon slushies from Blended, a cafe lunch at Deli Cafe, and the best coffee in town from my favourite supermarket.  I am no food stylist, so while you pass your eye over some of these photographs remember to focus on the yumminess of a roast pumpkin frittata served with homemade relish and a drizzle of basil pesto, and the mouthwatering indulgence of a chocolate chia seed brownie and a caramel tart.  That cafe lunch was pretty darn fine and I just loved the mix of vintage crockery everything was served upon, not to mention the assortment of wares scattered throughout.



Straight from the display mannequin to me!  I bought myself a new frock and I absolutely love it.  I wore it with dedication during our final days in Noosa and now I just need for spring to hurry up and come so I can wear it a whole lot more!  It is so very comfy and easy to layer but even with thermals underneath and a scarf on top, it is still not enough for the winter we are having.  Granted it's not below zero and we have no snow but by our standards it's been chillier than anyone can remember.  The talk around town confirms that this is our coldest winter in over thirty years and the fifth (!), one tonne load of firewood I had delivered today backs up that claim further.  Once the season shifts, I'll try and get a full view of that dress for you just so you can see how pretty it really is.



I think I may have a new favourite shop and after wiling away a little child-free time solely inside this place, I am feeling rather glad it is located a plane flight away.  It's stock of homewares and jewelry left me full of desire and top that with some of the best visual merchandising I have ever seen and it has made my "must see" list for our next visit.  Also, I didn't need to be child-free... they have the most beautiful kids corner, complete with a teepee!  How can you not love a store like that?


I have a bit of an obsession with claw-foot baths.  One day, when we remodel our rather unattractive and barely functioning bathroom, I will scour the local salvage yards and unearth a beauty to call our own.  That's on the list with one of these for the kitchen - or maybe a Rayburn since I don't think the wood fueled AGA is available in Australia anymore.  Or better still, a combo of the two since I don't fancy running a wood stove during our summers.  Ah, that "one day" will come, I know it will.



Coming up next up... we head out to the Noosa Hinterland with friends!