Noosa - hinterland with friends



Oops, I meant to keep rolling with this Noosa series days ago but we have had some wild weather of late and it's caused a very weak link in my signal so uploading all these photos has been frustratingly slow (almost dial-up pace!).  Anyway, here we are and we're good to go.

I want to gush endlessly about how special these friends are.  I want to describe all the qualities that make them such amazing people and how they each overflow with phenomenal talents.  How they are working and living to change the world one day at a time and all the inspiration they each infuse me with.  I want to, but I won't because I know revealing many of those details would blur the lines between my story and theirs.  Instead I will share some visual pieces of their world and hope that those images might offer a little bit of insight into their many beauties.  With such kindness these two families granted me permission to snap away at a few of my most favourite corners of their homes. Creativity abounds within and beyond those walls and I hope you are able to soak a little of it up and allow the goodness to influence you, as it does me.

First up, I'm taking you to Cooran.  A tiny tucked away town oozing charm, gentleness and maybe a touch of 'hippiness'.  Ok, it's more than a touch but that just makes it all the more fabulous in my opinion.  We're a little over a half an hour from Noosa Heads (driving time) and our visit fell a mere one day short of their popular Acoustic Night.  Next time we will plan our dates better and soak up the sounds which are now in their twenty-sixth year and still going strong.  Those instruments above are various models of the N'goni and this webpage probably offers the best description of this West African rhythm harp that is traditionally crafted from gourds and goat skin.  The darker one in front is a kamale n'goni and was made for my friend by their neighbour.  Our friend is a regular musician at the local acoustic nights and I'll go on record now with saying the sound and rhythmic tone of that instrument make for quite a sensory joy.  It's soothing yet funky and it's meditative but gets your hips giggling in spite of that peaceful state.



A morning walk took us over the back fence and into the neighbours Permaculture garden.  We met the man who made the kamale n'goni as he was in the throws of crafting another to fulfill more orders.  This same man owns a teepee where more community gatherings are held, so it's not just the acoustic night that brings this community together.  And, by the way, did you see the sawhorse above?  Doesn't it just make you smile?  Oh, it does me.  It's evidence of how utility can be beautiful when creativity and resourcefulness are combined.



Onto our second home with our friends at Pomona.  Well, a little out of Pomona really, but their postcode is officially classed as Pomona. There's a great deal I could say about this town.  It's small, intimate and friendly but big enough to cater for all the essentials. It's main claim to fame is the annual event of King Of The Mountain where eager sports enthusiasts ascend and descend the towering majestic mountain (Mount Cooroora) overlooking the township at its base.  The full history can be read at that link above but the story tells of the race beginning through a boozy bet at the local pub in 1958.  Would you believe that the annual King Of The Mountain was being held the day after we left!  Acoustic Night and King Of The Mountain!  Next time, definitely next time.


Moving on from the town itself, let's take a peek at what these friends of ours have created from what was nothing more than a vacant block barely eight years ago!


Seriously, would you look at that play set-up!  The cubby, the swing bridge, the rope bridge, the platform and monkey ropes within the mango tree.  Not to mention the fire pit where the adults can hang out right next to "kids paradise".  It's worthy of Pinterest I tell you!  Pretty cool, yes? 



The beautiful thing about the Noosa hinterland is the connection between its townships. All of them are within minutes of each other and are really only separated through their names. The main metropolis which binds them all together is the town of Cooroy and coming from Noosa Heads, you have to pass through Cooroy to get to both Pomona and Cooran. Well, you don't have to but it's the easiest most direct route.

I'm soon to wrap up our holiday stories, but before I do, can I post just one more to close out this series?  I really want to show you a few houses, especially the design that has become a signature for this State of Australia.  It's The Queenslander!  So, provided my connection behaves itself, I'll be back very soon with just a few of those favourites.