Nurture Magazine



Today is a bit of a thrilling day.  If you are familiar with Nurture, Australia's Natural Parenting Magazine then you might want to grab yourself a copy of this current winter issue and if you're not already familiar with Nurture, then perhaps you might want to become so?  Once you do have yourself a copy (or e-version), then flip to page sixteen and have a read.  There you will find an article - written by yours truly - all about the benefits of reading and sharing stories with your children.  After reading Growing Beyond The Page, I can highly recommend you continue to flip your way through the pages of this publication because there is a whole lot of goodness to be found.  Plus, don't skip the Editor's Letter.  Kristy always shares her thoughts with such heartfelt honesty that many times her words on the first page (ok, third page give or take a page, but why worry about specifics) become my highlight. 

With this issue, Nurture is celebrating the launch of a very exciting new digital offering together with their trusty print mag and believe it or not, even this slight technology resistant, old fashioned gal has jumped on board.  The magazine is now available as an App. in both iTunes and Google Play with all versions holding the same inspiring content.  Also being offered are short video and audio presentations from the contributors which is where I get all funky and modern by sharing my own little video on Vimeo! 

Before you start thinking anything glam, let me assure you that this video of mine was a one-person show and I remain WAY more comfortable behind (well behind - shove a boulder in the way kind of behind) the scenes.  Anyway, after I got over myself, I must confess to having a fair bit of fun piecing this little video together and I am so grateful to Kristy and her team for giving me the opportunity. 

Just to prove how glamorous and professional it all was, here's a little behind the scenes photographic footage... yeah, that's my uber high tech, state-of-art studio set down there... ha!



I will admit to the tiniest advantage with experience from a former life in the film and tv industry.  That was behind the scenes too doing props and set decorating.  And, yes, I did do a touch of set decorating for my Nurture shoot... can you tell?  Note my stills photo above and the edges of frame when you watch the video.  I know, totally spoiling the moment and ruining the illusion here, aren't I?  Well, I really am a no frills kinda girl, but I did feel incline to add a bit of flare to the old 'news reader' thing I had going on.

So, without further adieu, here I am getting all wild with Vimeo and here is where you can order your copy of Nurture should you wish (yearly subscription and single copy of current issue available).  Alternatively, you can pick one up at most newsagents Australia wide, but if your stockist is like my local, then they may not get their copies from their supplier for another few weeks... go figure!?!  I've inquired upon the reason for this, but my stockist wasn't overly helpful - you may have better luck, or just go direct like I do.  And remember the App too.

Thank you once again to Kristy and her team.  It is always such a pleasure to connect with them all and if you are new here, having clicked yourself this way because of Nurture, then YAY! it is wonderful to welcome you here.  Please do leave a comment or get in touch so that I know you have visited.  I'm looking forward to us connecting many times again.

Happy Nurturing, friends.



By the way, I really love Nurture mag and so I am very happy to promote such a beautiful publication but just so you know, the only kick-back I'll be getting from this blog post is the thrill of recommending a great mag and having you read my article xo