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I love to live in my own personal optimistic bubble.  It's such a pleasant place to be but every now and then that perspective of mine can get a little unrealistic!  Such is the case over this past week with me thinking I could get all those water tank details written up with lots of photos on a pretty new page under the Creating heading.  It's coming, it really is, but truthfully I haven't done a thing on it since my mention last week!  Not one little itty bitty thing!  I'm not sure how I thought it would happen since it is now our winter school holidays and I have been busy preparing myself, two kids, a dog, a cat, a house, a garden and a housesitter to step in while we three step out for a three week holiday up in Queensland.  Hmmm, it's been a full week to be sure.  There's also been some dedicated writing work in there and with a couple of deadlines due next month my laptop is coming with me for our little break away in the warmth and sun.  The bonus with that means you won't have to wait three weeks for all that holiday fun as I will keep you updated with our Sunny Coast adventures while they happen.  My plan is to continue on from our trip last year so be sure to check out all those stories so your all in the loop for more (just type Noosa into the search bar for the full list) ;)

So, that flurry of activity around this place lately?  Well I've known that there were some gardening jobs that would not wait until we returned as it would be too late in the season for those little plants.  So, from the sunny ledge in the kitchen where I have been conducting a vegie scrap rebirth experiment, to out into the garden went those beets and celery.  Next, the kids and I have been transplanting our very neglected strawberry patch.  I potted up the runners at the end of summer as I always do and then walked away.  I had never even got back to them in the autumn to separate the pups from their mother plants!  Well they have been now and with a few of them already into their new bed yesterday, I have grand hopes of transplanting the rest before heading off to the airport tomorrow... wish me luck!  The kids have claimed and named theirs already and I think Flower Power is a perfect name :)  And finally, FINALLY, a whole year later than when I originally planned, our mulberry tree has now been moved.  It's a long story and I think I may have talked about it before but it's far to late in the night for me to traipse through my archives, but that mulberry is a Hicks variety - perfect for eating and jam making but will grow into quite a large tree.  I planted it too close to the house when it originally arrived as a bare-root so now it can live out the rest of it's days happily against our eastern fence line.  Yay!

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It's late and high time I headed to bed and I'm not even going to proofread this so forgive me if it's a rambling mess ;)  Our bags are packed and tomorrow I'll leave the keys with our housesitter, who also happens to be my indispensable babysitter.  She was here today looking after the kids and I came home to a fairy village.  You can't see them all that well in this first photo but there are four scattered around with two in the shadows.  You're an Angel, Katie xo

See you up in Noosa folks!

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