Out with the old, in with the new



Over the past week we have played host to three separate gatherings.  That's a new record for us since usually we tend to space our entertaining out considerably more.  These occasions have brought the sharing of food, stories, laughs and all round good times with family and friends.  What better way to wrap up the year!?!  The days in between were kept gentle and slow and it is a true toss up for me which I prefer... the celebrating and entertaining, or the quiet aftermath where we sit with games, stories and potter around cleaning up and putting things back into place.

Tonight, the New Year will be welcomed with just the four of us, or five counting Snowy and six counting Rexie, but it is the four of us on two legs who will share a meal around the table.  We will light candles and express our gratitude for the year that has past before we head out as the sun sets and make our way to the beach. There, an early "family" session of fireworks will jump start the new year and I think ice cream and a stroll along the waters edge could be in order.  Later, as we tuck our little ones into bed, we will quietly share our intentions for this year coming and I will continue my personal ritual where I write the details of my own inside my big fat leather bound journal.

Tomorrow will bring a day at home and the sowing of seeds, both literal and metaphoric.

Enjoy your celebrations and I wish you the very best in health, peace and love as you welcome in 2015. 

Happy New Year, friends!