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Oh my goodness, friends!  Over the past week, I have been utterly blown away by all of the amazing people in this world.  My days have been filled with so much inspiration you'd think it would be enough to freeze me solid, but instead it has me charged in just the right way.

Among the online circles in which I dwell (fellow writers, like-minded bloggers and crafty friends) there’s been a fair bit of buzz surrounding Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic - Creative Living Without Fear.  For those not already familiar with her, Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Eat Pray Love.  If my curiosity had not already been piqued from various messages saying how much I would love it, then the Podcasts* I listened to last week have undeniably sealed the deal.  I was waiting upon a hold at my local library for Big Magic, but now I am convinced this is one I want to fill with underlined passages and keep on my shelf for constant referral.  Having already made a few notes from the Podcast, I know I will be taking all sorts of fabulous wisdom from those pages.

I'm not sure where to even begin with talking about this book, or about the Magic Lessons Podcasts, I just know there is something in there for each and every one of us.  Elizabeth has also given TED Talks but her prevailing message is to encourage us all to live our lives to our fullest potential; creatively, passionately and deeply.  And most importantly, to face our fears, rising above and beyond them, rather than allow ourselves to be governed by those limitations.

This first season of the Magic Lessons Podcasts wraps up with Episode 12 and offers a half an hour conversation between Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown.  I mean come on, are you kidding me!?!  Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown?  That's a pot of liquid gold right there with an inspiration cherry on top!  Now if your not familiar with Brene Brown then I can highly recommend checking out her website and her TED Talks (this one and this one) for she focuses her energy towards Human Connection with topics like Vulnerability and Shame.  And, she too is a New York Times bestseller!

Dried Flowers.jpg

My next bit of joyous overflow is that I've got my jive goin' down at the Instagram party!  Um, yes I know I'm a little behind the times and that over three hundred million people worldwide have been having a grandioso time long before I joined in, but still, no one's allowed to call the party police just yet because I'm having way too much fun!  You may notice a teeny tiny change over in the left sidebar?  A small block of four pictures with the heading "Instagramming", yes? 

Well, that's where it's at, or at least those four images are my most recent uploads but if you click on that area it will take you to my Instagram page.  Of course you could just click here, but for future reference, click over on the left.  One more thing, if you are also on Instagram and we are not already "following" each other, then come track me down and let's be Insta-friends :-) 

I think it's been about two weeks now and the inspiring images, ideas and words being shared by those with whom I am connected has me just about giddy with excitement.  This world is a beautiful place filled with amazing people who ooze such goodness.  Of that, I am sure.

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Just in case all that wasn't enough to have me skipping, I then spent an evening last week glued to my screen and enthralled by the story of Cedar and Stuart Anderson.  It was Going With The Flow on the Australian ABC program Australian Story and as we don’t have a TV, I had to wait until it was available through ABC’s iView which is usually only 24 hours later so I didn't have to wait that long.  This father and son team are the inventors of the Flow** Hive, a beehive design that allows you to harvest honey without distressing the bees and if you want to watch the Australian Story segment, you'll have to be quick as it's only open for 'streaming' until the 9th of November - six more days!  It's half an hour long and offers a fascinating insight into the creative process and energy behind an invention that has so far generated millions of dollars.  It also highlights exactly what's possible when we move beyond our comfort zones and the anxieties which usually accompany such massive learning curves.  Or at least, that's how it spoke to me, but that could be because my head (and heart) are filled with Big Magic and Instagram!

We are yet to step into beekeeping and harvesting our own honey - it was going to happen this year, but... you know... that became a pretty low priority after Tuck’s accident.  Maybe next year, or even the year after?  I am no less enthusiastic about donning my home beekeeper cap and all will happen in good time.  I’m yet to research and learn more about beekeeping and the various styles of hives available, but conceptually the FlowHive sounds wonderful.  However, it does introduce synthetic ready-made cell sheeting inside the hive which interferes with the bees creating their own.  Despite what opinions I may (or may not) hold after doing all that research, I still found Cedar and Stuart's story a complete joy to watch.  Their passion and commitment is contagious, so no matter where you stand on beekeeping, beehives, natural beekeeping, honey extraction etc, it still makes for wonderful viewing and an inspirational success story. 



* Elizabeth Gilbert's Podcasts are called Magic Lessons and available for a free download through iTunes

** The "Flow" part of "Flow Hive" is a Trademark but I can't figure out how to do the little mini "TM" symbol within this blog editing page.

And, by the way, today's photos have absolutely no direct relevance to this post apart from being another outpouring of creative energy!  I was on my way out to the compost bin with these dead flowers when I decided they still looked rather pretty so I dropped them in among the weed patch out there and grabbed my camera instead.  And then I plucked the heads off and decided to keep them a little longer.  Because why not?  Beauty is everywhere.  Even in a mortar of dead flower heads.  Yes I am a little kooky, but Kookyland is fun! xo