Pitch perfect

Please note that the images in this post are copyright to  Squam .  Thanks for the loan Elizabeth!

Please note that the images in this post are copyright to Squam.  Thanks for the loan Elizabeth!


Last January, nearly twelve months ago, I made a decision.  I got word of an online course that was available through the US based Squam Art Workshops.  I knew of Squam before this and had tagged their retreats as something I would one day travel across the seas to attend.  I'm still anticipating that perfect synchronized moment when the Universe will send me on my merry way so I can hang out lake side and natter face to face with some of the amazing people I now call friends.  In the mean time though, the Universe did grant me a gift for it brought me Christine Chitnis and Elizabeth Duvivier.  Together they worked tirelessly to bring Pitch Perfect to the online world. 

When I signed up to participate all those months ago, something sparked within me and, like I said to both Christine and Elizabeth, before that moment... I had a dream, a journal and a folder full of ideas, but no clue as to how to implement any of it. 

Christine is a gifted teacher and offers such encouraging feedback and positive guidance.  From the very beginning of the Pitch Perfect course my world began to be reshaped.  Much of that has been internal but externally, my desk at home and the bookshelf next to it have become serious.  My work nook now means business!  There are magazines, publication lists, deadline calendars, my beautiful leather bound journal is now reserved for only the most intimate workings of my heart and I now have a metaphoric revolving door filled with note books as the ideas and words call to be jotted down before they are forgotten.  Something in me became unleashed last May and there is no way to calm it down.  I've been waiting for this, wishing for it and wanting it.  I was ready and now there are so many great things happening.

This wee little space right here, The Conscious Caterpillar, was birthed as a direct result from my experience with Pitch Perfect.  It wasn't just knowledge and tools I gained either, as a bonus I came away with friendships and the most wonderful global network of supportive fellow writers.  Ever since those four weeks finished, so many exciting opportunities have presented themselves and my goodness, it feels so good!  Writing is one of my great loves, I have always been a writer and always will be.  It's my thing!  Actually, it really is My thing... you know, the thing (or things) you do solely for yourself and your own well-being.  Yep, that thing.  It is a life long dream of mine to be published and because of Pitch Perfect I am seeing that dream through!  Pretty super, huh!?!

Christine and Elizabeth have decided to offer their Pitch Perfect online workshop again next May (2015) and registration is open NOW.  So, for any fellow writers who are not yet familiar with Christine, Elizabeth, Squam or Pitch Perfect and are wondering how to get started with publishing your work, then click here and get ready for fabulous things.  I found the course and workload very manageable but I also LOVED every moment of it so that certainly helped with my commitment.  The group of writers that Christine and Elizabeth brought together the first time around came from all corners of the globe and over the months since we wrapped, the support and encouragement from all my classmates has continued.  Those couple of clicks to sign up and register my involvement were one of my greatest decisions and those four weeks last May were so worthwhile I tell you.  So. Worthwhile!

This is not a "learn to write" course, it is a workshop designed to give writers who are already writing the tools to getting your work published.  There is a formula to writing a pitch letter and Christine will teach you what it is and how to make your work stand out from the pile. 


A little blurb taken from the Squam Pitch Perfect registration page...

Are you ready to see your name in print? 
Then this is the class for you!  In four short weeks, you will receive all the tips, tricks and hard-learned lessons Christine Chitnis gained on her journey to becoming a successful writer.  She will share all she knows to help you learn the ART of writing the PERFECT PITCH!