Plan B

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Ummm... I think I may have some explaining to do!  I promised I'd keep you updated with our Sunny Coast adventures while they happen but here we are more than half way through our holiday and I haven't written a single blog post.  I have, however, been getting my other work done so YAY for that, but the real reason I haven't been filling you all in on our adventures is that most of it is in photographic form and I'm having a wee little trouble with my Wi-Fi connection.

In truth it's actually doing my head in!  Something's going on with our beach house Wi-Fi and it just took nearly thirty minutes to upload these two photos!  No kidding!!!  Once we get home and I start showing you all the pics I've been taking you'll know why fifteen minutes per photo is just not going to happen.  I could of course use my phone for a Personal Hotspot connection but I don't really want to chew up all my data... I'll save that for Instagram haha :)

So given that slight glitch in my plan, I'm just going to take it as a sign that the Universe is nudging me into a short mid year blogger's break ;)  I'm still posting regularly on Instagram so for the next week or so you can keep updated there.  Otherwise, sit tight and I promise you a slice of the good stuff with a whole host of holiday snaps and stories once we return.

Happy weekending friends xo

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